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>Old Folks Who Thought They Had It Made…


Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

I’ve been avidly following Nilus Mattive’s blog posts and I hope you have been as well.
The conversation he’s having with his Dad and his readers — about the urgent task of boosting their income — is heartwarming.
“Like your Dad,” writes one reader, “we sit on meager earnings. How we wish we had a son who would scrutinize our portfolio and advise us through this last stage of life!”
But sometimes, the conversation is also frightening:
“I lost almost 1/2 of my pension,” writes Mary … while David says “I don’t want to have to take a job as a Walmart greeter or on the McDonald’s serving line but I see lots of grey haired people doing just that and I know it isn’t because they love work — it is because they have no choice.”
65-year-old Judi confesses: “We had a net worth of about $1 million!!! Made the decision to invest most of it in income-producing rentals … These properties are worth less than what we paid for them in 2000/2001; our mortgages all have a balloon payment due over the next 2 to 6 years … I really do not expect the banks will want to loan us money to refinance them. Because I have such a timely, huge financial challenge looming ahead, I work at my Avon business 7 days a week right now!”
A lot of questions remain on the table. But one thing is abundantly clear: The need for safer, higher income is universal.
With our Weiss Ratings of banks and insurance companies, we are helping you find the safest places for your hard-earned cash.
And with Nilus’ continued guidance, I hope you’ll also be able to discover new ways to get more income — something so many people so desperately need.
In his Tuesday morning Money and Markets, Nilus will tell you precisely how he will continue this vital conversation with his Dad — and with you — to get some tangible results. Be sure not to miss it.
Good luck and God bless!

>Selling Fast: A Hot New Real Estate Book For Common People


There is a right and a wrong way to sell a house. The right way will help you preserve your equity and earn lots of money. The wrong way causes loss in home value and an inability to sell at the opportune times. .

For many people–perhaps millions of Americans whose houses are being foreclosed–their homes have become a huge disappointment, leaving them either out on the street or without the peace and tranquility of large equity that would allow them to comfortably retire some day.

We (Don and Carolyn White) have bought, sold, and managed real estate for 40 years, either as real estate agent, owners/sellers/managers of apartment income producing properties, or managing large properties for a big corporation. We have managed both commercial and residential properties.

In our fantastic 247-page book, SELLING FAST: We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too, we’ve boiled down the secrets for successful house selling.

There are five secrets that you must know in order to participate in the American dream of making money in real estate with each purchase and sale.

I will let you in on a secret right now… the key to making money in real estate is understanding why certain houses sell quickly while others do not, and then duplicating the actions of those with a proven track record. My wife and I have such a record and are willing to share how we have sold several properties in a week or less (and one in a single day).

Read our book even before you decide upon a listing agent. The wrong agent can cost you time and money. We tell you how to know if you’ve chosen a quality agent and how to motivate him or her to really work for you.

Selling Fast  instructs you on how to price your home so that it will sell for top dollar. An improperly priced home slows down the process and is a huge detriment.

People are selling houses today and making money, despite the deep housing recession we find ourselves in. These savvy individuals know how to choose the right agent, prepare a house for sale, price it right, and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

We’ve done it and YOU CAN TOO…  Read our book which is on sale right now for a short time at in the Kindle Store. If you lack a Kindle reader device, you can buy it on PayPal below for $9.99 and if you leave your email address we will send it to you and you can read it off your Wi-Fi or home computer.

Click here to get to if you own a Kindle device which can accept the version of SELLING FAST.

>Selling Fast: We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too

>Don, Marcus, and Carolyn White have written an important book for our times. It’s called SELLING FAST: We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too.
Not everyone will sell a house that fast, but it’s a proven fact that the more you know about selling houses the better chance you’ll have of moving it fast. I don’t mean taking huge discounts off the selling price. But getting the current market value for your house. But to do so, the home owner must prepare the property properly. And that’s what Selling Fast is all about. Sure, there are guys out there hyping their service. They’ll take your house off your hands, plus half of the equity in it. Don’t be fooled. Get hold of Don, Carolyn, and Marcus White’s new book. It can be had for less than ten dollars either at or by email directly to the authors.
Here’s my email. Jot me a note and I’ll tell you a safe way of securing this book without giving your credit card away over the net. We accept payment by PayPal as well as through

I would suggest that you click over to our house blog and click on directly with one of these portals.
Good luck, Don White

>Don’s Blogs–Links That Matter


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The latest from Blogger Buzz

Your blog, your data

December 10, 2008permalink
Today’s release features a brand new graduate from the Blogger in Draft testing ground: Import and Export for Blogger blogs.

The import/export feature opens up a whole new range of portability for your blogs, as well as allows for a few new options in the blog creation process. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a handful of ideas that can be done with importing and exporting:

You can access Import and Export from the Blog Tools section on the Settings | Basic tab.
We have also added new importing options to the blog creation process:
For some more detailed info on all of the things you can do with Import and Export, please check out our accompanying help article.

A couple caveats

— JJ from the Data Liberation Front

iLike: Add a soundtrack to your blog

December 5, 2008permalink
Sometimes we stumble across gadgets that are just too cool to keep to ourselves. And such is the case with the slick iLike gadget, which should be a real treat for all of you Blogger audiophiles out there.

iLike brings music to your blog by letting you embed and share playlists that you make yourself. Using their simple interface, you can organize and arrange your tunes, then seamlessly integrate them into your blog’s sidebar.

To get started, head on over to the playlist editor and build up your list of tunes from the iLike database. When you are finished, simply click the orange ‘Done!’ button at the bottom of the page, and you will be taken to a preview of what your playlist will look like on Blogger.

If everything looks good, click the orange ‘Add to Blogger’ button to go to Blogger’s Import Page Element Page (if not already signed in you will be prompted to do so.) Then choose the blog which you want to have the playlist, and click ‘Add Widget.’

The iLike gadget will now show up in your blog’s page elements editor for you to arrange as you wish. Pretty cool, eh?

Keep in mind though that playlist editor feature of iLike is still technically in beta, so the usual caveats apply. However, if you are feeling extra entrepreneurial you could help out the iLike dev team by answering their quick survey.

— Brett

Reactions: easily engage your readers

November 6, 2008permalink
One of our goals at Blogger is to make it easy for authors to get feedback on their content; we believe that authors are driven in part by the reactions and criticisms offered by their readers, and that these interactions enhance the quality of blog content. In support of this effort, we’re launching Reactions, simple annotations chosen by authors and given by readers.
With Reactions, readers can easily respond with one click, increasing feedback on posts.
Photo by Kevin Steele

To enable Reactions, log in to your dashboard, go to Layout > Page Elements and click the Edit link in the Blog Posts element to open the blog post configuration tool. Then, check the box next to Reactions, edit your reactions as a comma-separated list, and click Save.

Reactions works with Layouts templates, though if your template is heavily customized, you may have to reset your widget templates for Reactions to appear. If you have a Classic template you will need to switch to Layouts to use Reactions.

Of course, Reactions isn’t the only way to gather great feedback from readers; we also recently launched the Embedded Comment Form. With both Reactions and better commenting, we aim to make it easier for you to get the response and adoration you deserve.

Try Reactions now! We hope your reaction is <3.

Updated, 2:30 PM: Corrected to say that Reactions is a Layouts-only feature.

— taj
Get more news from the Blogger team at the Blogger Buzz blog

The latest from Blogger in Draft

New feature: Geotagging

December 10, 2008permalink
We’ve just added geotagging to the new post editor on Blogger in draft. With geotagging, you can add a location to your each of your blog posts. Just as time stamps help readers find posts from a certain date or time, geotags give your readers a way to browse posts near a specific location.

Adding a geotag to your post is easy. Log into, open the post editor, and click the add location link below the main text field.

Use the location editor to search, drag, click and zoom on a map to choose and save a location. We’ll try to label the location you choose using our reverse geocoder, which looks up a name for a point on the map. You can also edit the location name by clicking the blue location name text below the search field.

When you publish your post, the geotag is displayed below your blog post as a link, which will open up Google Maps.

We also include each post’s location in your blog’s RSS and Atom feeds using GeoRSS, a standard for geotagging. This means that feed readers, map applications and search engines can associate your posts with their locations.

We’re still working on other ways to show geotag information on your blog. Brian, the Google engineer who created this feature in his 20% time, has written a gadget that will display your posts on a map. To add it to your blog, click “Add Your Own” on the “Add a Gadget” page and paste in this URL:

Geotagging has a few known issues. We’ll be addressing them shortly, but here are some suggested workarounds for the near-term:

What types of posts are you adding a location to? What other functionality would you like to see in this feature? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!
— Brian
Learn more about upcoming features at Blogger in Draft

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