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>We should celebrate.
Same Sex Marriage Was Voted Down In California

I went on the web site and wrote the following:

Same Sex Marriage suffered a big blow when the people of California woke up and voted it down. It makes no sense to call a “union” of two guys or two girls “marriage” because it isn’t.

The court found that there is a fundamental difference and by definition marriage must involve a man and a woman in the US. Actually, they changed their constitutional definition of marriage to conform with the Biblical description, one man, one woman cleaving together, etc.

Otherwise, it is only a union of convenience… In Canada, Massachusetts, and Connecticut it is still possible. But soon we should have a national referendum on this issue. You can’t call yourself married in those states and when you travel to one of those that ban it you are no longer married.

You either are or you ain’t.

I’m sure this threw a monkey wrench into the silly business these same-sexers want us to believe.
Don White of