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>Doofus Bush Blunders Again With Money To Detroit

>by Don White

A few days ago George Bush was interviewed about aid for the autoworkers. His eyebrows raised and he looked puzzled. Shooting the journalist a quizzical look, he said, “I’m still considering what I should do or not do regarding that question.”

“But, Mr. President, this is important, how long will it be before you’ll have an answer?”

He equivocated, pursing his lips in prevarication and replied: “It’ll be a few more days, at least.” You can tell when he’s lying. “Read my puckered lips.” He had already made up his mind, but this was a conservative reporter and he couldn’t hit her with the truth.

Then he jetted to various places like Iraq. There, he ducked a couple of shoes thrown at him by an irate Iraqi journalist and that got him thinking. What will my legacy be? I’m certainly not considered a George Washington in this country. If they hate me in Dahuk, will they love me in Detroit? How will America think of me in ten years? What do they think of me now, besides being a big doofus? Will they say, “Oh, yeah, Bush II, he was the one who took out America’s auto-making industry because he refused to chip in a few billion bucks?

That’s really what was on his mind, his legacy, not the good of America.
This is what is wrong with America. First, we elect an elitist African Arab, rock-star-wanna-be basketball player to be our leader, Barak Obama, without figuring out if community planning and oval office mojo are the same. Oh, but he promises “change,” I almost forgot. But change to what? More government, higher taxes, higher fuel costs–remember, they’ll go skyrocketing out of sight because he’s not high on gas? Oh,yeah! He’s high on gas alright, his own premium brand. He is only in it for the prestige and the legacy. He saw what a very unpopular president, Bill Clinton, did after he almost got kicked out of office. Bill travels the world giving speeches, writing reports and books, raking in millions of dollars by telling Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other exotic Southwest Asian countries like Bahrain what beautiful people they are.

One morning, Obama woke up and said “I could do that.” But first, he thought, I must conquer the will of the American people. Then it’s the world. If ever there was an egomaniac it was Barak Obama. But George Bush must have similar feelings–all presidents do. I make exceptions for the good guys like Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, and George Washington.

But Bush is going to give away $17.4 billion to the auto makers. No, that’s an incorrect statement. He’s giving it to the poor Michigan and Alabama auto workers who only make $70-$80 per hour already. Their lobbying effort paid off big. But the money is only a shot in the arm. It won’t save the American companies, just delay their demise, which is the worst of all scenarios.

By taking money from those of us who make $15 an hour and giving it to those that make five times more this is expected to seal Bush’s legacy? Wrong. It will only make the rich richer and the poor poorer; it will make America hate him more when we wake up and condemn that action as a catalyst to the disaster of depression awaiting us.

>How Bush Joined The Socialist Party


Spending Stimulus Plans Fail, Dummkopfs

By Don White

What does President Bush have in common with John McCain, Barry Obama and Congressional Democrats? Regarding the U.S. economy, they’re all ignoramuses, Nichtswisser, unwisenders, and outright dummkopfs.

It should be against the law to run for national office without passing an economics test. They also should be required to pass an idiot tests. Well, they did pass, but somewhere along the line they thought they had to be idiots to run the country and we got the dregs from the bottom of the pot.

None of them know enough to stop spending. Even Bush, who ran on a conservative platform, does not know that when you try to bail out someone or something you merely redistribute wealth. Hey, that isn’t even an original idea. Democrats like Obama have run on that one for years. If Obama has his way the rich will give to the poor and we’ll have a “leveling” of wealth take place in America–something that will deal a death blow to democracy and capitalism.

Bush should know better. He comes from wealthy parents who know how money is made. Come on, Barb and Dad Bush, start talking to your errant son. Didn’t you teach him nothin? If not, let me give you the economic scoop, too:

George W. Bush doesn’t understand enough to even balance his bank statement, let alone guide a county away from insolvency. The country is wondering if he is using drugs again. Isn’t it terrible, all three of the presidents from Clinton down were drug users, and we expect there is no permanent damage?

Bush is so sick that all he wants to do is sign bills this awful Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, pushes before him, assuring the soon to be out of office Texan that it’s the only ways America can avoid a depression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doesn’t Bush have a mind of his own?

The biggest crisis of 2008 wasn’t the financial meltdown, it was when the Democratic Congress and the president signed the bill authorizing Secretary Paulson to deliver $700 billion in handouts to banks, Fannie and Fredie and similar defunct and unstable private institutions, all without controls and supervision.

Government stimulus bills are based on the idea that feeding “new money” into the economy will increase demand, and thus boost production.

Brian Ridel believes that the best measure of a policy’s impact on economic growth is through productivity rates. Lower marginal tax rates encourage working, saving and investment, all of which increase productivity (as opposed to tax rebates, which are grants that require no additional productive efforts). Reforming — rather than merely throwing money at — education and infrastructure will raise future productivity. These necessary improvements would take time and shouldn’t be considered short-term “stimulus.”

In an OP ED article he said: It’s time for lawmakers to stop futilely trying to wave the magic wand of short-term “stimulus” spending, which threatens to push the deficit above $1 trillion. Focusing on productivity will build a stronger economy over the long run and leave America better prepared to handle future economic downturns.

Mr. Riedl is a fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Government doesn’t have any money, unless they beg, borrow or tax for it. Every dollar it injects into the economy must first be taxed or borrowed out of the economy. No new spending power is created. That’s where these financial geniuses go wrong. They think when the treasury prints new money it’s manna from heaven. In reality it has to eventually come from somewhere. That somewhere is you and me, the taxpayer.

Eventually we’re stuck, we’re on the line to pay it back–or in this case it might be our grandchildren and their children, and it isn’t fair. I would have let all the banks and the AIGs fail. Well, people say the entire U.S. society would come tumbling down since companies don’t have money and must borrow. And if the banks don’t have money to lend, business owners can’t get the money and, therefore, they must fire all the employees and stop making and selling widgets. That was the line we were fed.

But when we give money to banks, insurance companies, auto makers or investment bankers–or to anyone–it’s merely redistributed from one group of people to another.Of course, advocates of stimulus respond that redistributing money from “savers” to “spenders” will lead to additional spending. That assumes that savers store spare cash in their mattresses, thereby removing it from the economy. In reality, nearly all Americans either invest their savings (where it finances business investment) or deposit it in banks (which quickly lend it to others to spend). The money gets spent whether it is initially consumed or saved.

Governments don’t create new purchasing power out of thin air. If Congress funds new spending with taxes, it is redistributing existing income. If the money is borrowed from American investors, those investors will have that much less to invest or to spend in the private economy. If the money is borrowed from foreigners, the balance of payments must still balance. That means reducing net exports through exchange-rate adjustments, thereby leaving net spending on the economy unchanged.

Congressional Democrats just squandered another $15 billion on GM and Chrysler. The prepared red hen, /Ford Motors, had saved its money and merely said keep our share for later. But that’s small change for the Democrats. Now they are considering another large economic stimulus package to “inject” as much as $300 billion into the economy. The package will fail — just like last year’s $333 billion in emergency spending and $150 billion in tax rebates failed. There’s a simple reason why. It’s because that money hasn’t created anything, hasn’t changed raw materials into something valuable. It’s just money setting there to be handed out. We presume the banks will loan out the $300 billion and small businesses will make more widgets, but we can’t even be sure of that. Many of these banks will merely put that money into its reserves and won’t loan it out, and that’s part of the problem..

Congress will soon borrow $300 billion from one group of people and then give it to another group of people and tell us we’re all wealthier for it. We’re not. It’s a shell game. Money is just pushed around on the table, but you still have the same amount in the economy. You didn’t just happen to have this money sitting around doing nothing, you took it from one group and gave it to another. In my book that’s socialism of the worst kind. Bush is doing exactly what Obama said he wanted to do, level the economic status of all Americans, and I understand Obama is angry that Bush had to go and steal his thunder.

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>Ford Announcement Shoots Dow Up!


Ford Motors: “We Don’t Want Your Money”

Windermere, FL – It’s very reassuring to know that at least one of the three leaders of the “Biig Three” American automakers is an honest man.
Remarks that boosted the Dow Jones Industrials 180 points yesterday, blunting some of Monday’s 680-point plunge, came from Ford Motor Co.’s CEO Alan Mulally, who said his company has enough cash to make it through 2009 and may not need government help.
Sorry to say, similar calming words won’t be coming from General Motors because it isn’t managed as well as Ford. Neither is Chrysler. Ford has large amounts of cash on hand to weather the storm, but GM and Chrysler, by comparison, are urchins in the street begging for money, help we shouldn’t give them.
America should help those who help themselves. Sound familiar? We should forget the other two, let them fail—and with them their expensive unions. Then we should say to the GM and Chrysler unions, you have one year to help your union employees find other jobs, If that includes Paulson money for retraining, fine. Let’s do everything we can to aid these union workers, short of salvaging their system—their very expensive blood-sucking way of leaching from the American car-buying public as they have done the past 75 years.
Ford, General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC were scheduled to submit to Congress plans for remaking themselves; lawmakers demanded those plans before considering whether to give the automakers $25 billion in government support. My suggestion. Cut that figure to $10 billion and give it all to Ford as a loan, if they want money, to be paid back in five years. Then if Ford can’t make it, let them fail, too, because you know full well that GM and Chrysler—if you give them the world today—will be back at the public trough snorting like hungry hogs for more, more, more every now and then until we all die of fatigue.

>Readers Say US Less Safe Under Obama


My readers believe America won’t be as safe after Obama is sworn in as president. I asked the question on ASK500 whether America would be more or less vulnerable under Obama. The green buttons said we would be more vulnerable under President Obama 60% to 40%.

There are some died-in-the wool Obamaites who think almost 8 years of terror-less life in America just happened. I don’t believe that. It occurred because under George Bush, America followed an aggressive seek-and-find anti-terrorist campaign which most Americans don’t seem grateful for. Freedom is something we all should applaud and be most grateful for–both to those who defend us, our millitary, and that includes the commander in chief, Bush, and to our God.

It is especially appropo at this time of the year, Thanksgiving that we should be grateful to not just our family, mothers and fathers and spouces (or if you’re gay, to your boyfriend or girlfriend), but to our God who created us. Our God who created this Earth and the Universe and all therein. Our God who is watching over us so long as we as a whole live righteous lives.

You don’t have to go to church to thank Him, get on your knees tonight and ask for his help in your life and if you exhibit enough faith you’re prayer will be answered. Note, I didn’t say your prayer would be heard. God hears all prayers, but it is up to us to be obedient to his will and to use all of our resources for doing good, and that includes our normal expenses of raising our family, paying the rent, putting food on the table and so forth.

He is most responsive to those who love Him. He said: “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Another time he said, “Feed my sheep.”

Remember, there are more unemployed Americans at this time than a year ago–than in the past few decades. Give to your favorite charity and earmark some funds to the helpless, the jobless, those in need–and the elderly and others who need our help most.
Don White

>What Member of Congress Can Be Punished?


Can you answer these questions about government, Movies and Things?

What member of the House can be punished?

2) Which countries still have capital punishment?

3) How long is the Wall-E movie?

4) Do guinea pigs also eat strawberry’s?

Answers to these are found on Don White Portfolio

The following questions have not yet been answered. I would ask that you comment in the COMMENTS box below and give us you thoughts, answers, guesses, or whatever you want to say.

5)· Do bugs have body covering?
6)· Does it help with cellulite?
7)· What do you call a Sherlock Holmes story written after Doyle died?
8)· What is the email address for chapel oaks apartments?
9)· What is used to measure the mean global temperature?
10)· When was the first moon landing by space probe?
11)· How many joules in an apple Energy is measured in joules?
12)· Is Turtle fertilization external or internal?
13)· How do you report people?
14)· Would a head gasket going cause a new radiator to leak?
15)· What does music have to do with melodrama?
16)· When is the best time to collect sand dollars on the west coast?
17)· Why is compromise important in your daily lives?
18)· What are the figurative writing elements?
19)· How long does it take to drive from Panama City FL to Atlanta GA?
20)· Do you cook or heat up a fully cooked ham?
21)· Why would a car knock?
22)· Where are Locations of federal land banks?
23)· When is Freestyle Street Basketball 2 coming out?
24)· What is a town crier’s shout?

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    >Are There Any Andrew Carnegies Alive Today?


    Industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (or /kar-NEE-ghee/) was born on this date in 1835, son of a weaver. Young Andrew emigrated from Scotland to the U.S. when he was thirteen and immediately found a job.

    At age 18, after working in textile mills and then as a messenger boy, Carnegie doubled his original wages by becoming a telegraph operator and secretary.

    He was frugal, saved his money, and financial success followed, becoming one of the wealthiest men of his day. He retired at 45, determined to give away his fortune. He said, “the man who dies rich,” dies disgraced.”

    That is an interesting philosophy, not that he would go out of his way to give it away and thereby die a pauper, but that he lived at a time when the central government was weak, there was no income tax, and therefore it was–at least theoretically–easier to accumulate wealth. Of course, we know that isn’t true, either. During the past 30 years it has been easier than at any time in the past to accumulate wealth, because of the great percentage of inflation and high interest rates.

    Like many of his day, Carnegie was largely self-taught. Much of that stemmed from his love of books and libraries.

    Because of his wealth, and his love of correct spelling, around the turn of the 20th century, Melvil Dewey recruited Carnegie to his spelling reform movement. Dewey proposed a French Academy while Carnegie (and his $100,000 commitment) favored getting a few well-known educationists to publicly announce their willingness to accept simplifying the spelling of a few common words (among them enough, through, and young). In Carnegie’s view, “amended spellings can only be submitted . . . it is the people who decide what is to be adopted.”

    This was re-written from Merriam-Webster. Questions or comments? Write us at any questions or comments you may have or click the COMMENT button below. Production and research support for Word for the Wise comes from Merriam-Webster, publisher of language reference books and Web sites.