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Please do not confuse the above picture with a wonderful game site called
Zipper. In fact, you just might want to occupy their space and see the latest in Zipper products.

Based in Redmond, Washington, Zipper Interactive was founded by Jim Bosler and Brian Soderberg in 1995. Best known for its mega-hit SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals game series, Zipper has created multiple hit game titles including SOCOM: US Navy Seals I, II and III, Mechwarrior 3, Crimson Skies and others, illustrating its world-class expertise across game design, graphics, engineering and online multiplayer technology.

SOCOM Makes History

With over 10 million copies sold, the SOCOM franchise defines online gaming on the Playstation platform.

SOCOM I was the first online game for the PS2 and featured groundbreaking 16-player MultiPlayer and intense SinglePlayer gameplay. The game won rave reviews and laid the foundation of a massive, loyal online community.

SOCOM II continued the progression, taking the series to new heights adding more innovative Single and MultiPlayer gameplay features. The release further solidified SOCOM as the leading online franchise on the Playstation 2 platform.

In October 2005, Zipper Interactive raised the bar again with SOCOM 3. SOCOM 3 features 32-player MultiPlayer, the addition of vehicles (both land and water), extensive online community features, customizable weapons, an all-new Single Player experience, and much more. The game sets the new standard for realistic military shooters.

In November 2005, Zipper released SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo, bringing the SOCOM experience to the PSP platform thus extending the legacy of the SOCOM series “beyond the living room and wherever you happen to be”.

Zipper is always on the lookout for talented people to add to its exceptional team. Please check out their current career opportunities in the Work at Zipper area of the web site. If Zipper sounds like the right place for you, please feel free to contact them even if don’t see a job listing that fits your background.