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>Are The Everglades Saveable?


Everglades Restoration—Too Much, Too Late

Is $1.75 billion enough to clean up the Florida Everglades?

Water managers who would oversee the property think so. They endorsed the price and Florida’s proposed purchase of nearly 300 square miles of land for Everglades restoration. But we should ask, what do they know? They’re water managers, not financial geniuses.

But even as most environmentalists continue to cheer about the acquisition, skeptics have identified complications that they fear will keep the Everglades from being saved.

Some hydrologists, Federal officials and environmentalists say the state of Florida has bet a huge sum on oft-fertilized farmland that could take at least a decade and billions of dollars to rehabilitate. Experts who have been down this road before are skeptical. They say the plan faces more of the same limitations that have undermined Everglades restoration efforts since the ‘80s. In short, too much, too late?
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