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>Obama: The Impostor President


Impeach Barak Obama And Get On With Protecting Americans
Don White
What’s wrong with us? America has a president who refuses to enforce the law and we still sit on our hands, afraid of impeaching this imposter. With one hand on the Bible he became the 44the president – but the first  to mispronounce the oath of fidelity to the United States and it had to be administered again in the White House by Chief Justice John Roberts the following day. 
Now he’s getting things mixed up again. His allegiances do not lie with the people of America, but with the people of other nations.
If it were not so, why would he be trying to level America economically? Why would he not keep our laws and send illegal aliens home without amnesty. Why would he hire many czars who have no Congressional accountability? Why would he ransom our children to China by creating trillions of dollars of debt that he knows can never be paid off – unless he gives half of America to other nations.
Well, he’s doing just that when he won’t protect our borders. Already, he has acquiesced to the idea that Mexico should own half of Arizona – and why not everything west of the Mississippi?
Why won’t he protect our borders? It’s because he’s power hungry. He wants these illegals to be made citizens so that he can register them as Democrats and get elected for a second term.
What’s wrong with Americans?  After conservatives take over Congress in the November elections, maybe we can restore some sense of urgency to the situation. Gangs of drug traffickers members of Hezbollah  have invaded and taken control of part of Arizona. And they intend to continue their march until they have control of the entire state, thence on to California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. And why not take every state west of the Mississippi as well?
Hezbollah literally means the “Party of God.” It is a Shi’a Islamist political and paramilitary organization based in Lebanon. Hezbollah is also a major provider of social services, which operate schools, hospitals, and agricultural services for thousands of Lebanese Shi’a and plays a significant force in Lebanese politics. It is regarded as a resistance movement throughout much of the Arab and Muslim world. Many governments, including Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have condemned actions by Hezbollah while Syria and Iran have stated they support it. The United States, Egypt, Israel, Australia and Canada regard it in whole or in part as a terrorist organization.
If you think this is fiction, look around. Do you see our president Barak Obama sending to the borders ten thousand troops to keep the illegals out and Americans safe?
If Obama isn’t soon removed in an impeachment process, we all may be speaking Spanish not English. All of this inside our own borders when we have a president who won’t spend a dime protecting us as he promised on the steps of Congress on January 20th, 2009. I say its high time for action!
Write him and your Congressman. Tell them::
  • Secure our borders.
  • Enforce U.S. law and the Arizona law which are almost the same.
  • No Amnesty.
  • No birthright citizenship. Change the current law.
  • No work. Punish businessmen who violate this. Erect a wall of separation between illegal aliens (and their children) and tax-dollar paid benefits reserved for U.S. citizens and legal aliens. Let everyone know that we support The Real I.D. Act (H.R. 418) that prohibits illegal aliens from being issued drivers licenses and prevents terrorists from abusing the asylum laws of the United States. Insist your state officials keep this law.
  • Build the (tall) fence.
  • Aggressive deportation. Deport the 12 million illegal immigrants currently within our borders – if you’re caught, you are sent back.
  • No benefits.
As first priority, America must stop the flow of illegal immigration by investing all necessary resources in securing our borders. The 843 miles of double-layered fencing authorized by Congress and promised to the American people has not been built. Yet such a barrier is truly the backbone of any plan to gain control of our border and the illegal immigration crisis threatening our land.

>Let’s Help Progressive And Illegal Aliens Pack!


Let Us Help Ya Pack!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 4:38 AM