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>Is Mitt Romney Like Scott Brown? If So, Goodbye Mitt To Your Presidential Aspirations

>By Don White

Here are my comments made on Mitt Romney’s web site after reading the article below:

 I ‘m a Romney supporter for president, but frankly there was a lot in  your article with which I don’t resonate.

Tea Party people are, generally, for the same things no matter which state they’re from. For example, 1) follow the Constitution strictly; 2) cut the outrageous spending and eliminate deficits (not all in one year); 3 ) that means you must  bring our boys home from Afghanistan and Iraq very soon (not 2014) and drastically cut military spending; 4)  term limits for Congress ; 5) balanced budgets every year; 6) eliminate the Fed; 7) real transparency, not the lies given to us by  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; 8) close the borders to undocumented people – eliminate the need to finance illegal aliens’ schooling, medical, SS, and infra structure they use on which they pay no taxes.

I could go on and on from there. But unlike you, I believe there is unanimity nationwide on these basic Tea Party positions. If Mitt Romney and Scott Brown must look more like Democrats in order to get elected in Massachusetts, then so be it. But then they are not true conservatives or libertarians, are they? It’s good Scott Brown won the Kennedy senatorial seat, but he’s only half conservative. On more than half of the issues I expect he would vote with us conservatives and libertarians. Better half a cake than none, right?

You said, yourself, Brown is a moderate. Then why does he generally vote with  the Democrats? If Mitt Romney doesn’t start acting like a conservative then I will not be able to support him – as I have in the past with my friends here in Florida. He will lose an election to Barak Obama if he looks much like Obama because voters will always vote for an incumbent if, for no other reason, that the current president will have had four years experience as commander in chief – though we all know he is a terrible leader, loves other countries more than America, and knows next to nothing about a whole host of issues including the economy.

Please, Mr. Romney, don’t compromise the above issues. If so, you will be spending your summers watching the waves in Southern California but won’t ever live in the White House. By the way, if I can be of help to the “conservative” Mr. Romney I would be happy to do so. Don White   Don White, a Utah – Minnesota – Florida transplant

Scott Brown, Mitt Romney and the Tea Party’s Wide Open Tent

January 4th, 2011 11:15 amAuthor: BOSMANGo to comments

A lot is said about the Tea Party by the News media… mostly that they are a far right fringe group who have an ‘our way or the highway’ attitude. To some extent, that attitude may be true. However, what IS NOT clear is, the ‘OUR way’.
Scott Brown is a perfect example of the Tea Party’s wide open tent and appeal. Brown came from nowhere to win Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts. A moderate Republican who was urged as a Republican state legislator to run for Kennedy’s seat by former Governor and personal friend, Mitt Romney (who, by the way, STRONGLY supported him through the entire election process).
Brown’s candidacy was the prelude to what was to become one of the largest shake-ups in Congress in the history of American politics. Most people know that I’m a fan of Mitt Romney and like nothing more than to point out Romney’s part in this prelude to the Revolution of 2010.
Here is Brown on election night honoring Romney:
Brown is already on record for backing Mitt Romney in 2012 if he decides to run:
Brown ran on an anti-Obamacare platform. Massachusetts residents were satisfied with their Massachusetts Health Care and did not want Obamacare interfering with this system. Brown received wide support from both Republicans, Independents, and many of who were connected to various Tea Party groups. As a Massachusetts resident myself who has many friends in the so-called Tea Party ranks, many of who describe me as being to the right of Attila The Hun, supported Brown myself. Was I 100% satisfied with Scott Brown’s views on all issues? No! Saying that, I am a realist and knew that a far right candidate would not have won here. So I backed Brown 110% and so did many of those Tea Party friends.
Over his brief tenure as Senator, Brown has remained popular in this state. A recent PPP pollgave him the second highest favorability rating among all the U.S. Senators.
Today, Scott Brown was given the title of ‘Bostonian of the Year‘ by the Boston Globe. The full story can be found HERE. It was this story that prompted me to write this piece.
The point I’m trying to make is this: NO ONE decides what the Tea Party likes or dislikes. As with many things in life, including the Massachusetts Health Care system, when it comes to using it as the basis of Obamacare, it’s not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
So, when you read that the “Tea Party” wantsthis or the “Tea Party” doesn’t like that, be a little skeptical. The Tea Party’s emphasis on issues can vary from state to state, region to region.
The Tea Party is a movement. The political tastes of those in the movement vary. There are Centrists, Moderates, Conservatives, Independents, and Republicans — all under the same tent. Don’t be fooled by trying to fit its members into a mold. You won’t be successful.

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>Has Tony Rezko Corrupted Barack Obama?

>How Long Will It Be Before Obama ‘Fesses-Up?’
Let’s Have The Facts About Barak Obama

I’m impressed with a non-partisan organization called Judicial Watch, led by Thomas Fitton. It’s more conservative than it is liberal, but it attacks corruption wherever it’s found, and the White House has been a favorite target in both the Clinton and Bush administrations.

This article is not going to rehash that. It will, however, bring you up to speed about Obama’s ties to corrupt people.

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Is it any wonder Obama doesn’t like to visit the troops, put his hand on his heart during playing of the National Anthem, or praise our troops at the Brandenberg Gate as he failed to do recently? Is he even member of a church these days?

Reverend Wright has ground into Obama’s heart a dislike for America. So have his other “friends” whom we will discuss shortly. He has been systematically programed to dislike–no he actually hates– America and most of what it stands for. But even that is not the main subject of this article because that’s old news to you.

Judicial Watch earns its reputation for exposing corruption and filing worthy lawsuits to right matters in America. Well, you might say, so does the NAACP, doesn’t it?

No, the NAACP has a strictly left-wing agenda. It files lawsuits to degrade and knock down things we cherish in this country, like religion, and put American citizens second to foreigners. NAACP tactics and results are highly Obama-ish.

Judicial Watch has been been exposing, investigating, and prosecuting public corruption and corrupt politicians since 1994. They don’t endorse or oppose candidates for public office. Though proudly conservative, they are not partisan.

The influential independent newspaper, The Hill, named Judicial Watch one of Washington’s “Top Ten Watchdog” groups. They recently made headlines across the nation when a lawsuit they filed against the National Archives forced the release of 11,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s White House schedules.

Their efforts to get these records were stonewalled by both the Clintons and the Bush administration. If Obama is elected he will carry into his administration a lot of political corruption baggage. Worst of all, the liberal left media has given him a free ride. They aren’t critical of him because Obama is “their man.”

Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Illinois State Archives (ISA) to produce ‘any and all public documents…resulting from Illinois State Senator Barack Obama’s years in office (1997-2004) that the ISA have in their possession.

Last year when he was questioned on “Meet The Press”, Senator Obama stated:

“Well, let’s be clear. In the state Senate, every single piece of information, every document related to state government was kept by the State of Illinois and has been disclosed and is available and has been gone through with a fine-toothed comb by news outlets in Illinois…every document related to my interactions with government is available right now.”

Yet the State Archives responded to Judicial Watch’s request by telling them that they don’t maintain those records, nor have they received any requests from Senator Obama to archive any of his records.

“Clearly, Barack Obama, just like Hillary Clinton, has a records problem,” said Thomas Fitton. Obama could have his records archived, but has chosen not to so that they aren’t available to the public. What he doesn’t want is a paper trail of his time in the Illinois State Senate.

“So much for transparency from the candidate who has made honesty and integrity his calling card,” said Fitton. He promised that Judicial Watch would be just as persistent digging into his public records as they were with Hillary’s.

But in other areas of Obama’s life there are paper trails, and some of them are very troubling. For example, his relations with Tony Rezko, the naturalized American citizen who immigrated to the U.S. from Syria, settled in Chicago and long has served as a political godfather to Obama. The last “godfather” he got rid of was Jeramiah Wright, but he is finding it is easier to quit a church than to stiff a convicted felon like Tony Rezko.

We know Rezko basically bankrolled Obama’s political career
–beginning with Obama’s first campaign for public office in 1966. Rezko and members of his large family have contributed more than $200,000 to Obama campaigns since then. The highly respected London Times referred to Rezko as “Mr. Obama’s long-serving bagman.” These guys are so close that Rezko and Obama went in on a real estate deal together. In fact, Judicial Watch believes Obama’s dealing with Rezko may have allowed Obama to pay $300,000 below the asking price for his $1.65 million Chicago mansion.

Obama and Rezko walked through the mansion together, they bought adjoining properties on the same day, and Rezko paid “full freight” on his deal (to the same owner Obama bought his house from).

This story gets more interesting when you consider that on June 4th in Chicago Tony Rezko was convicted in court for fraud and for a kickback scheme designed to shake down investment firms seeking illinois state government business (a scandal directly involving Governor Rod Blagojevich). Papers filed in this case show that about a month before Obama’s suspicious land deal, Rezko received a wire transfer of $3.5 million from Nadhim Auchi, an Iraqi billionaire now living in Britain who made his fortune through “business dealings” with the corrupt Saddam Hussein regime. This transfer raises the question posed by the London Times–whether or not “funds from Nadhmi Auchi…helped Mr. Obama buy his mock Georgian mansion in Chicago.”

Now with Rezko convicted for alleged corrupt dealings with the administration of a prominent Illinois Democrat Governor, Rod Blagojevich, we see other connections. Rezko had contributed generously over the years to the Governor’s campaigns and was rewarded with appointments to state boards nd commissions.

Do you see the pattern of deception? Of investing in politicians for personal gain by Tony Rezko?

Senator Obama has been scrambling to disassociate himself from Rezko. Obama has already removed $160,000 in Rezko-tainted campaign contributions from his ample campaign treasury and contributed them to charity. (Whose charity?)

“Corrupting the state government of Illinois is bad enough, but now the question is whether Tony Rezko has corrupted Barack Obama, the man who may be our next president,” said Fitton.

The American people have a right to an answer, and Judicial Watch is digging into it.