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>Americans Are Disgusted With High Gas Prices, Yet Liberal Lesgilation Would Drive Prices Higher


Many old folks remember when Conoco, Standard, and Mobile sold gas for 15 cents a gallon. Now, the prices have busted the pumps and stations are resorting to paper signs.

The American people are rightly screaming over $4.00 per gallon prices at the pump.

But what exactly are some of our so-called elected leaders in Washington doing about it?

Unfortunately, instead of working to reduce the burden on your pocketbook…

… liberals and RINOs (Republicans in name only) in Congress are actively and aggressively trying to RAISE THE PRICE OF GASOLINE!

That’s right!

Just last week, the Senate attempted to pass the Boxer Climate Tax bill, a deceptive piece of legislation that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged would raise the price of gasoline at the pump BY ANOTHER $1.40 a gallon!

McConnell summarized the economic consequences of the Boxer bill by saying:

“It is, at its heart, a stealth and giant tax on virtually every aspect of industrial and consumer life. It would result in massive job losses. And it seeks to radically alter consumer behavior, without any measurable benefit to the environment in return.”

“And that’s why it’s so hard to comprehend the Majority’s decision to move to a bill, at the start of the summer driving season, that would raise the price of gas by as much as $1.40 a gallon, home electricity bills by about 44 percent, and natural gas prices by about 20 percent.