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From the Desk of David Pogue

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my bumpy initiation into the world of Twitter. It’s sort of a complicated cross between a chat room and private e-mail. And it’s both an interrupty time drain and an incredible source of real-time connection and information.
Some of you blasted me for impugning Twitter‘s greatness. Some of you hailed me as a seer of its imminent demise. (A few of you thought my assessment was right on.)
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Today, I thought I’d follow up by sharing the sweet, funny, interesting results of a Twitter experiment. It’s too entertaining for me to keep to myself.
Yesterday, I spoke at a conference in Las Vegas. The topic was Web 2.0, with all of its free-speech, global-collaboration ramifications. At one point, I figured that the best way to explain Twitter was to demonstrate it, live, on the big screen at the front of the ballroom.
So I flipped out of PowerPoint and typed this to my Twitter followers: “I need a cure for hiccups… RIGHT NOW! Help?”
I hit Enter. I told the audience that we would start getting replies in 15 seconds, but it didn’t even take that long. Here are some of the replies that began scrolling up the screen:
* florian: Put a cold spoon on your back – that’s what my grandfather would do for hiccups.
* megs_pvd: Put your head between your knees and swallow hard.
* bethbellor: Packets of sugar.
* jfraga: BOOOOOOOOOOO! (How many of those did you get?)
[Answer: about 20.]
* michaeljoel: drop a lit match in a glass of water to extinguish it. take out match. drink water.
* jbelmont: Simple. Just hold your breath until Windows 7 is released..
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Sites have been adding features to give users more control over who sees personal and potentially embarrassing information.

State of the Art

Netflix is cracking the technology code on Internet downloads to find the ultimate film delivery system.

Phone Smart

Telephony providers like Skype and Fring make themselves available as apps.
Microsoft Word keeps a list of documents I’ve been recently working on under the File menu. Is there a way to stop this or clear the list?

If you still have a few tapes clattering around in your closet, the Alesis TapeLink U.S.B. could wring one last bit of music out of this expired medium.

It’s a good thing the Apple iPhone is pretty, because its two-megapixel camera sure won’t help you look good. Griffin Technology is hoping to remedy that.

Tag Junior is a smaller, simpler reading system meant for children 2 to 4 years old.

Location Based Technologies’ PocketFinder is a GPS device that lets you locate the holder anywhere in the United States via the Internet.

Epson’s MovieMate 55 projector is an all-in-one video projector — an LCD projector joined to a DVD player and speakers.
Do you need a TV tuner card in the computer to get IPTV? creates a sidebar panel in the Firefox window with a box to type or paste in notes and other bits of information.

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John Markoff om the mysterious worm infecting millions of Windows computers; IT-consultant-turned-author Daniel Suarez on his new novel, “Daemon,” and more.


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