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>Romney Could Save This Country


Say what you want, who would you like as president during this terrible economic time – a complete novice like Obama or an economic genius like Mitt Romney. Hands down, everyone knows only a guy like Mitt can get us out of this mess–along with a very conservative Congress that is willing to change the dumb things Obama and his fellow libs like Pelosi and Reid have done. Shame on them. Don White

That’s right, there was a health care mandate in Massachusetts, before Mitt Romney became governor.

Think about it. Before Mitt Romney passed the Massachusetts Health Care bill, just HOW do you suppose the voluntarily uninsured freeloaders received health care and WHO do you think paid for it?
Well, back in 1986, President Ronald Reagan and the GOP passed a national health care bill that provided free emergency room care for everybody in every state , citizen or not, insured or not.
Now we know the HOW. Walk into any emergency room in any state and you receive free treatment.
Now we get to the WHO had been paying for this? I’m sure most already know the answer, YOU and I! Higher taxes and higher hospital costs resulted in the cost of higher insurance premiums. Try asking the tax man and your insurance company to subtract the monies that go towards covering freeloaders from your tax and insurance bills. Tell them you’d rather not pay for that. See what happens. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a response to your liking.
When Mitt Romney became Governor, he saw this, like most tax payers saw this, as unfair and unjust.
So you see, the MA Health Care mandate replaced one that was very unfair and unjust. The pre-MA Health Care mandate forced responsible tax payers to pay for the treatment of the voluntarily uninsuredfreeloaders. the MA Health Care mandate ended that practice.
The current Massachusetts Health Care mandateONLY AFFECTS THE FREELOADERS. It doesn’t affect responsible tax payers who willingly purchase insurance for themselves and their families.
Guess what? The way I figure it, most of the other states are living under the OLD mandate because of the bill passed during Reagan’s administration. We responsible tax payers in Massachusetts, aren’t affected by any health care mandates any more.
Yes sir, that MA Health Care mandate is one of the few things left in PatrickCare that I still like.
(H/T Illinois Guy from RIGHT SPEAK and ROS)

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  1. James Taylor
    December 3rd, 2010 at 11:22 | #1
    VERY well written! This argument is much easier to present in a 10 second sound-clip than any other argument I’ve seen so far.
  2. December 3rd, 2010 at 11:48 | #2
    BOSMAN! E X A C T L Y!! Actually, every state has a manadate: the mandate is: I, Taxpayer, am required to pay income taxes, and other taxes to pay for heathcare for those who can afford insurance, but chose not to get it, aka FREERIDERS.