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>Obama Taking Money From Our Troops, Giving It To The IMF


Jun 04, 2009

Defeat the $100 Billion IMF Bailout!

Brendan Steinhauser
(202) 942-7612

President Obama and some Members of Congress want to use a war supplemental funding bill to funnel $100 billion to the International Monetary Fund. (IMF) They are tying the IMF bailout to the supplemental war spending bill so they can ram it through, claiming it is all “for the troops” when the IMF bailout has nothing to do with the troops.


This is dirty inside the beltway politics at its worst and we can’t let Congress get away with it. The IMF Bailout is just the latest scheme put forward by a liberal White House and Leftist leaders in Congress that threatens to waste billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. Supporters might claim that the money for the IMF is only a loan, but the bottom-line is it puts American taxpayers at risk for actions taken by the IMF and the countries to which they loan. Ultimately, it could lead to $1 trillion or more in inflation for the U.S. dollar and other major world currencies as the money is channeled by the IMF to bail out foreign governments and companies.

Especially in such turbulent economic times, this policy is a recipe for disaster.

TAKE ACTION NOW and tell Obama and Congress to go back to the drawing board on the war supplemental. This legislation to fund American troops should not be a “Christmas Tree” for the liberal Left and their pet projects.

Dick Armey

P.S. Support FreedomWorks campaign to stop the IMF bailout with a generous contribution by clicking here!