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>Theme Parks Are Favorites Among The Single Set


If you live in the upper 49 you may like to visit Florida, with its inexhaustible supply of sunshine and warm days. Florida is loaded with things to do, including Disney and Universal.

If you’re coming in from out of state go to the following blog, HotBot,
and search for affordable accomodations. Also blog the Disney and Universal Sites. If you haven’t been to Florida for a long time, you will be greatly surprised with the amount of fun one can have and the diversity. Universal Studios has really grown, so have the hotel and restaurant accomodations. Florida is the ideal vacation spot–where there’s always something new and unique to do and see.

If you’ve never been to Cape Kennedy, take the 40 mile trip from Orlando to the Cape, or as Floridians call it, Cape Canaveral, and see a blast off of one of NASSA’s Moon or Mars space shuttles or a ride to the International Space Station satellite.

click the NASA Web site for dates and ticket costs: