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>How Close Is War With Iran?


Rumors of War II: The Last Days?
While the mainstream media remains focused on non-issues, like birtherism and
the Royal Wedding, events are in motion around the world that could lead to
our demise. While others stand idly by, TOMORROW – Wednesday, April 27th
at 9pm ET – Insider Extreme is bringing you the most important documentary
of the year: Rumors of War II: The Last Days?  The real story is shocking and
may not be suitable for younger viewers.
In the first installment, Rumors of War (now available on demand), we
explored the extremist regime in power in Iran and their fundamental
belief in an Islamic-centered world. Before the film even premiered,
Glenn commissioned Part 2 — the information is THAT important.
Rumors of War II: The Last Days? will explore the End of Times
prophecy and its connection to the modern world. By examining
our unstable economy, dangerous unions between Russia, Turkey
and Iran, and chaos in the Middle East, we will try to make sense of
the trouble brewing around us.
Knowledge is power, and now more than ever, it is vital that you
educate yourself. The intensity and speed in which the world is
changing may leave you and your family with questions – join us
for the answers tomorrow night at 9pm ET only on Insider Extreme.