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>Beck Has Astounding Evidence of The Proposed Take-Down of Our Economy

>”Truth has no agenda.” Glenn Beck

March 22, 2011
   On the Glenn Beck radio program this morning he revealed tape recorded information of the planning to take down a large banking system in the U.S.
   One of the voices on the tape is that of Stephen Lerner who is on Huffington Post. He directed SEIU banking and finance department. That title sounds weird coming from a union, but that’s what Glenn said.
   The tape has his comments and their plans. he was responsible for sSending thugs to homes of banking officials which was his specialty.
   The information is on The Blaze. Spread the information.   Fifteen People in a conference at a uniersity, leades flown in from all over the country to get the plans on what’s coming next. They spoke of mortgages under water. Ten percent are in strategic default – paying more than house is worth. Staying in their homes. they won’t be kicked out of their homes for a year if they stop paying.

   If you can double the number of people in Strategic default you can bring banks to the brink of disaster. In other words what Lerner wants to do is evil, that is make evil men and women out of this and that somehow accomplishes his nefarious plan to take down the world’s largest bank and the world’s best country, America.
   I say we put them all in jail for this treason. That’s just what Beck is wanting to do. He has already sent copy of the tape to the Justice Department, hoping their democratic leanings won’t stop them from prosecuting these communists.
   More of their talk: “What would happen if you could get half a million people not to pay their mortgages you would literally cause another economic crisis.” Just what we need, right? Wrong. We have enough turmoil to last a lifetime right now. And these union thugs want to foist this tyranny on all of us. If that’s their goal, they should be put in prison.

They spoke of how to bring down the stock market and how you politically isolate them, economically isolate them and disrupt them. This is their words, not mine. We are merely listening to Beck’s radio show on 3/22/2011. at 9 a.m. to 12 noon.   Go to the for more.

They asked what company should we decide to hate. They decided on J.P. Morgan Chase. So they will roll out in two months the defining new campaign that will bring down Chase – the most financially sound bank out there.

Go to the BLAZE and get the full story.

What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!