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>Who Ordered Judge John Roll Killed?

>I received the following interesting video from Brasscheck TV and Alex Jones

Note the comment from the sender about our great mainstream media scrubbing the story out of Arizona about the shooting of Rep.Gabby Giffords and the shooting of the Judge John Roll. Note: The judge’s death gets no mainstream play. That is important. It tells us there is manipulation going on. Maybe it also tells us that the entire event was staged, then manipulated, by the progressives. No one puts it past them.

You think no one in his right mind would say the progressives are not above killing when it suits their purpose. Think again. They are not only not above it, but they have killed before. When I say progressives, that’s a wide blanket – and a wide indictment which is not entirely deserved or intended.

But who killed Martin Luther King? Yes, we know the person who was jailed for the crime, James Earl Ray. But who put Ray up to it?

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Yes, we know Lee Harvy Oswald was arrested and later shot to death in a city police hallway by Jack Ruby. Ruby was killed by police. Neat and tidy, eh? Yes. But it still left us with the question of who ordered the killing? I’ve been to the Dallas Book Depository, stood on the small rise of lawn on which onlookers watched – and maybe another shooter stood behind the crowd and shot at – Jacky and Jack Kennedy in that open car from where the president took a couple of bullets to the head.

Yes, we had the Warren Commission Report. But it is so flawed, it isn’t worth referring to as a real source of truth. There had to be two or three shooters – and Oswald from the second floor couldn’t have hit Kennedy in the head at that angle. We all know that. I stood at that open window. I was a marksman in the Army and I couldn’t have hit him while the limo was traveling twenty-five miles an hour through that area.

Then, who ordered the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona? Who brainwashed Jared Loughner and incited him to pull the trigger? No, it wasn’t Sara Palin. No, nothing Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or other comontators said had anything to do with it. The progressives would like you to believe that.

Progressives who gain the most by killing that Constitution-loving judge, Judge Roll, are people like those working for the president, himself. The communists who want to take away civil liberties, because that judge, Judge John Roll,  spoke up time and time again for preservation of Constitutional rights.  As reported on Glenn Beck, and in their own words, these people such as Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven, together with Van Jones have openly called for riots in the streets, killing, and an upside and downside reaction that could prove massive enough for President Obama – or any president – to declare marshal law and take away permanently our second and first amendment rights.

Obama has already taken some of habeas corpus away. He signed a decree allowing an international police force called Interpol the right to come to your door or mine and place us under arrest. Without government objection, this foreign power could have us flown to a foreign location, lock us up and forget about us without habeas corpus. In other words, Interpol now for the first time in American history has the right to incarcerate an American citizen without us being able to receive a fair U.S. trial. We wouldn’t get to know what the charges were, have an attorney of our choosing defend us, and be tried in an America courtroom.

Instead, all three hundred five million of us – U.S. citizens living in the land of the free – are not so fre anymore. We warned this would happen. And the worst is yet to come. Yes, we could be tried by some communist-leaning government – maybe by Hugo Chavez, for all we know – or in a Marxist nation like China or Russia.

One of those mainline media stories – and most of it is good solid reporting – is from the Washington Post. Click on the story. I have nothing negative to say this time about what the Post said, it’s what it didn’t say, what it failed to investigate that bothers me.
Don White


The real Arizona assassination target?
Brasscheck TV 

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To: Don White 


If it’s reported by the mainstream news, you
can pretty much assume it’s a version of events
that’s been carefully scrubbed.

How much do you know about the judge who
was killed in Tucson the day the Congresswomen
was shot?

Not much I’ll bet.

There’s a reason for that.


– Brasscheck

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