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>How Obama’s Gang Helps Terrorists

President Obama is busy reversing all of the executive orders of George Bush. Gitmo has already been designated for closing. There will be no more water- boarding or “torture” under the big Obama “Change.”

Wiretapping of known alien terrorists will probably be eliminated next.

Bush kept us safe since 9/11, which is about 8 years, but don’t count on it under Barak “Break The Law” Obama. I only put that “Break The Law” jazz in there because of the three appointments he made that recently backfired. Yes, it’s guilt by association. Three of his appointees have admitted failing to pay their taxes and two of them have declined because of the adverse publicity. But Obama seems to like to be above the law in calling these people to such high offices. Why?

Special interest minorities have gotten to Obama. He does not understand how to lead, least of all how to be commander in chief.

Following a recent interview with the Saudi media, his first to a foreign reporter, he said so many bad things about our current foreign policy that
he burned Iran President Ahmadinejad’s ears so much the Iranian leader quickly demanded America apologize to Iran for interfering in that country’s desire to develop nuclear bombs.

When asked about it, Mitt Romney smiled, saying: “This is part of the on-the-job training for Obama.” He doesn’t know what to say and is a foreign policy disaster. Obama arrived on the Washington scene the least prepared for leadership of any modern-day president. How much of this kind of stupidity do we have to put up with?

We know Obama is far more liberal than Bush. Therefore, he is beloved by Hamas and the Muslim nations including Iran and other terrorist states. By comparison, George Bush was a great commander in chief. When he spoke the world understood, and didn’t dare to attack. Not so, apparently, with Obama.

There is Trouble Ahead
Look for Russia’s Vladimir Putin to make some noise. Don’t think for a minute that he isn’t studying Obama’s every move, every word. Look for him to test this naive young president soon. I predict there will be a major territory grab in the next 90 days by Putin. Mark my words.

Senator (now Vice President) Joe “the lip” Biden made a major gaff when he announced during the campaign that when his boy Obama got elected there would be people out there that would “test” him internationally. It was a typical Biden gaff, but it’s sure to come.

It could come in the Balkans, or there could be more trouble in Georgia, the Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, or Latvia — or even with neutral Finland. A lot depends on whether Obama follows the Bush initiative in placing defensive missile ring in Eastern Europe aimed ostensibly at Iran. But Putin is worried. You saw what he did to Georgia — took away one tenth of their real estate in Osetia and that other province where he had been sending Russian nationals to live for years, just waiting for a young president like Saakashveli to pounce on.

Now he’s got another young president, Obama. Watch for the “pouncc” to begin in late March or April.