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>A Man With This Background Is Dangerous

>In business we do not hire people with bad backgrounds.

Yet, the country–at least half of it–is poised to hire him to the highest position in the land.

Read the following story, and it doesn’t matter if you have a business, if you work at a business, or if you are responsible for hiring at this business. After reading, write and tell me in the comment box below if you would hire him?
A Story About a Man Applying for a Job

A Story About a Man Applying for a Job
The Jihad Candidate II, Rich Carroll
Imagine for a few moments that you are the human resources director of a major multi-billion dollar corporation. You are sitting in your large, luxurious office when you receive a phone call from the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He tells you that the board is considering a candidate for a high-level executive position. He advises you to complete a thorough background investigation and have it to him within 10 days.

You immediately call the private detective agency you have used for years and give them the name and address of the prospective candidate, along with the deadline for a high level security clearance.

Your next move is to call your assistant to your office, giving him/her the candidate’s personal information along with instructions to “do your standard beginning background checks.”

Preliminary findings begin landing in your fax machine on the third day:

* Your candidate has used more than one name.
* His original birth certificate is unavailable.
* He was mentored during his youth by a high level communist in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis.
* You receive a 3 page dossier on Frank Marshall Davis.
* You also learn the candidate was proctored into an elite Eastern private university by a middle eastern Muslim, Khalid al-Mansour.
* You receive a short dossier on Khalid al-Mansour.
* You learn the candidate has terrorist organization “Nations of Islam” employees on his current staff, and one of his advisors is a member of the global terrorist group “Muslim Brotherhood.”

On day four, you receive in the mail from the security agency two books the candidate has written:

* You read both books, highlighting the anti-American, anti-white racist passages.
* You note the admissions of drug use.
* You also receive in the packet a copy of the bitter anti-white thesis his wife wrote as a college undergraduate.
* You receive a 4 page fax on the candidate’s relative, Raila Odinga, who is connected with brutal Muslim politics in Africa, and background information on the candidate’s estranged father who was part of Kenya’s most corrupt regime.

The fifth day brings to your special delivery mail the complete background on Bill Ayers; his association with your candidate, his FBI criminal record, and a copy of the book “Rules for Radicals” written by communist Saul Alinsky:

* You are advised your candidate used tactics from “Rules for Radicals ” at his previous employment.
* You are advised the candidate’s wife used an excerpt from this book during a recent speech.
* You receive by fax, a background on A.C.O.R.N. and an alert that this group is being watched by the U.S. Department of Justice and other state and local law enforcement agencies.
* You learn your candidate is endorsed by every Muslim terrorist organization on Earth; that he holds Muslim beliefs.
* His friend, Louis Farrakhan, is head of Nations of Islam.