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>New Proof: Obama Plundered To Get Elected

>November 20, 2008

Joe Wurzelbacher, also known as "Joe the Plumber," stands onstage at a campaign rally with U.S. Republican presidential nominee Senator John Reuters – Joe Wurzelbacher, also known as “Joe the Plumber,” stands onstage at a campaign rally with …
Democrat Actions Criminal

TOLEDO, Ohio – What we always thought was true was verified today–Barak Obama’s campaign ran or sanctioned illegal searches on a private person, Joe The Plumber, to the detriment of John McCain. Sources confirmed that the agency director, Helen Jones-Kelley, was a Democrat who also allegedly sent Obama political fund raising emails on state equipment.

An Associated Press story today confirms that a State of Ohio agency director improperly used state computers to find personal information on “Joe the Plumber,” There was no legitimate business purpose for the head of Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services to order staff to look up the records, Inspector General Tom Charles said. The results of the investigation directly implicates the Democrats and the president-elect for dirty, illegal campaigning.

In a separate violation, Director Jones-Kelley was placed on probation on allegations of using a state computer and/or state email accounts to assist in fund raising efforts of Democrat Barak Obama’s presidential campaign.

Of course the report said that investigators weren’t able to determine whether the searches were politically motivated but it is abundantly clear that they were. Political Disconnect has now confirmed that those who ordered these improper checks were Democrats.

The inspector general‘s report concluded that Director Jones-Kelley improperly used state e-mail to engage in political activity.The report looked into 18 background checks into Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, a Toledo-area man known as Joe the Plumber. He became a household name in the final weeks of the presidential campaign after asking Obama about his tax plan at a campaign stop near Toledo.
Eight of the checks were done without any legitimate business purpose, the report said.

The findings have been forwarded to the Franklin County prosecutor’s office in Columbus but don’t expect any legal action. Most of them are Democrats. The Office of the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney consists of 108 assistant prosecuting attorneys along with 101 employees that make up the support staff.
There was no home telephone listing for Jones-Kelley in Columbus.
Jones-Kelley has said the search of Wurzelbacher’s records were part of routine checks her agency conducts when someone suddenly emerges in the limelight which is false.She told state Senate President Bill Harris in a letter that records were checked because Wurzelbacher had indicated he might buy a business and it was determined that he owed back taxes. The department wanted to make sure appropriate actions were taken if he owed child support, received public assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes, she wrote.

Jones-Kelley’s reasoning was at times contradictory, inconsistent and ambiguous, the inspector general’s report said. Since when does a state office order backgrounders simply because someone suggest they might buy a business?

It also found no policies or procedures to support Jones-Kelley’s claim that it was the agency’s practice to look into someone thrust in the spotlight. As Wurzelbacher’s profile was elevated in Republican John McCain’s campaign, criticism over the Ohio search rose to a fever pitch. Republicans were furious that Wurzelbacher was targeted, saying that he was simply a private citizen who stood up and questioned the Democratic presidential candidate.


>Joe The Plumber Wins Debate


By Murray Morovitz

Based on the number of times the name of Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio came up, he clearly scored more points in the debate than Barak Obama and John McCain.

In this crazy presidential election, now two years stale, is the American public tired of both Obama and McCain? Is this little-known man affectionately called Joe the Plumber by both candidates really at the heart of a national debate that has confounded experts? Could he hold the simple answers everyone has been seeking but that have eluded the smartest people alive?

There are a growing number of insiders from both political camps who are sorely disappointed with their candidates. But they look around shaking their heads at those they could have nominated. No one comes to mind. But suddenly Joe the Plumber roars onto the political scene like a white knight driving a golden broken- down plumbing van. Is he the perfect metaphor, the perfect man for the job?

Could it be that Joe has enough time–just 19 days–to sweep the nation into a frenzy and captivate the minds and hearts of voters enough to vote for him as a “write-in” presidential candidate.

He could be the only true outsider, the only man capable of straightening out Washington. All the others are inside impostors. Could he be the missing link Americans have been seeking? Listen to him, and you be the judge.

It has never been done before.

But this is a year of firsts, so why not Joe?

  • first black man to win the Democratic nomination
  • first woman to run for vice president
  • first 72-year-old war hero who can hardly walk and raise his hand above his elbow to run for president.
  • first year a Joe The Plumber has won a national debate.

In a world of firsts, Joe bursts onto the scene like a ratchet wrench from heaven. I can see it now. All the major news outlets and networks are at his door.

Q: “Which party affiliation will you run on, Joe?”

A: :”Neither. They both stink.

Q: What platform do you stand on?

A: Joe looks down at his feet and replies: I’m standing on the front porch platform. I’m here at home. I’ve got six kids in school, bills are piling up, Meg, that’s my wife, and I want to buy this business, see, and I don’t want to be taxed to death. Is that clear enough for youst?

Q: So, it looks like you believe in families, right?

A: Right. Families are what made this country great. Without a husband and wife making kids who grow up and take our place this country goes to the dogs. See what I mean?

Q: You have been most succinct, sir. You also alluded to your house. Apparently you have saved it from foreclosure, right? What do you suggest to get us out of this financial mess we’re in.

A: My house is not going to foreclosure, and that’s because I pay my bills just like 95 percent of Americans do. I’m angry. Can you tell? It’s only those dumb b…..tards who speculated and bought two houses when they couldn’t even afford one that got us in this pickle. I propose we put them all on a plane and send them to Alaska. Make fishers out of them. Let them live in the wilds a few years, enjoy the $1200-a-year oil relief Governor Palin gives those people. In five years, if they want to return to the mainland and have demonstrated they will never do it again, thens when we fly dem back here, but no sooner.

Q; But what would you do to the executives of Fannie and Freddie and to the politicians on both sides of the isle who made the rules to allow those speculators to operate. What would you do to them?

A: Alaska’s too good for them. We put all dose people on a plane and send dem to Siberia–if Putin will take em. Make common laborers out of them for five years. If they learn their lesson, we fly em to Alaska for five more years. Then, if they have truly repented, they can come back to America, which by then we can truly call America the beautiful.

The press is deathly silent and dumbfounded.

One TV announcer tells his audience, “There you have it folks. That’s Joe the Plumber’s solution to the financial crisis. He’s passionate, he’s angry, he’s attractive and most of all he loves America. Those are pretty drastic measures he proposes, but America needs someone who will talk straight, who will get right to the root of the problem. We think he hit a home run today. We think he can unite Americans on both sides.

“There will be more from this common man. We may syndicate his thoughts each day, and I believe most of America will be hanging on his every word from now to November 6th.”