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>Washington Post News Previews Suggest Republican Candidate Already Picked



  1. Gates says Obama has approved use of armed Predator drones in Libya

    Pentagon chief Robert Gates says President Barack Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drone aircraft in Libya.
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  2. The Fix: What if the 2012 Republican field is set?

    Everywhere you look these days there’s evidence that Republican voters aren’t thrilled with their choices for president.
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  3. 2chambers: Congressional approval rating declines

    The congressional approval rating is at its lowest point since the 112th Congress convened in early January, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday.
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  4. The Plum Line: Paul Ryan’s own proposal endorses debt ceiling hike, Dems charge

    A little-noticed provision in the plan lays out its version of what constitutes “appropriate levels of the public debt” over the next ten years.
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  5. States’ new GOP majorities, governors have made mark on a wide range of issues

    As state legislatures adjourn over the coming weeks, new Republican majorities backed by GOP governors are leaving their mark in a wave of legislation that reaches far beyond the economic issues that dominated the midterm elections last fall.
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“There’s been a real seismic change in the states, and the effect will be felt for many years.”


coco7, on Chris Cillizza’s “What if the 2012 Republican field is set?” story:
I don’t quite see Daniels or Huntsman making it out of the Iowa primary in great shape or doing well in SC given the social conservative nature of those 2 states. Is there a case to be made for either of these guys to lose in Iowa and SC, but win in NH and Florida–with the winner being decided on Super Tues?

Oil is very important to the existence of our country. Without oil and gas we could not drive our cars, heat our homes, and have the many synthetic plastic products that are derivatives of oil. Viva la Oil! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t develop what a famous scientist a hundred years ago hit on – Tesla. He was working on cord-less electricity that could light and heat our homes. If America were smart, it would put a chunk of taxpayer money down on such a project.