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>Richard Cohen Got It Right In His Union Obesity Op Ed

>I don’t usually reprint in its entirety an op-ed from the Washington Post. But in this case I am because I believe for a change one of its standard liberal op-ed writers, Reichard Cohen did a bang up job of analyzing what’s going on in Wisconsin.

When you have liberals criticizing the unions in Wisconsin, you have a different ball game. Unions are wrong, Governor Walker is right in this one. And as a result, unions will become weaker – not necessarily due to anything Scott Walker is doing, but because how prideful and, yes let’s say it – richly obese – the unions and Wisconsin’s school teachers have become.

I wrote an article yesterday about this in  Go there.

I said “Right now teachers in Wisconsin have pensions and health care insurance paid for entirely by the taxpayers. Walker is only asking that they pay for 5.8 percent of their own pension plan and 12.8 percent for their health plan. What on earth is going on?”

If you could get someone else to pay 94 percent of your pension for the rest of your life, you’d be singing love songs to everyone and jumping up and down with joy. So would I. Read Cohen. I’m usually criticizing him and his liberal ideas. Not on this one:
Richard CohenGovernment pensions, an obesity epidemicGovernment workers, on our dime, have run off with pensions they do not deserve.

>What Dirty Tricks Government People Pull: Must Americans Live In Constant Fear?

>A prominent leftist blogger associated with has proudly accepted an award named for Soviet agent of influence I.F. Stone and has denounced Accuracy in Media and Commentary magazine, which is an upstanding blog and a credit to America, for drawing public attention to Stone’s communist connections.

Glenn Greenwald and fellow award winner, Amy Goodman, appeared on the April 3 edition of a public television show hosted by Bill Moyers, just weeks after new disclosures of how Moyers used his position as a top official of the Democratic Lyndon Johnson Administration to gather political dirt and potential blackmail material on American citizens. One of Greenwald’s big complaints about the Bush Administration has been that it illegally monitored telephone calls as part of the war on terrorism.

What comes around goes around — and both parties are complicit. One wonders who in the Obama administration is digging up dirt about us? A better question is who isn’t?

We know the Janet Napolitano flak about how she is attacking all war veterans, conservatives, people over 70, and others, branding them as enemies of the state. We also know that the NSA is listening in on phone conversations, trying to expose and prosecute anyone who may make a disparging remark about Obama and his gang. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, the latter is where we are headed, especially if Obama continues to allow this kind of nonsense to happen.

Must Americans live in fear? It could get worse. He could name the former Arizona governor and current Homeland Security Agency head, Napalitano, to the Supreme Court.
To read the complete AIM article at “Kaupunki” by Cliff Kinkaid of AIM, go here now.

>Helsink: Crossroads of Europe between East and West


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>Free Music Downloads From

> @ Lovebox at Victoria Park

Errors – Errors Interview — a Exclusive

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Added by afonsoduarte 21 Oct 2008

Exclusive interview with Errors at at Lovebox Festival in London.

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>Wake Up Finland. Welcome to Kaupunki, Or is It Cowpunki?


A good steam helps sauna-mad Finns cope with life

Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:15pm EDT

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var RTR_ArticleBlurb = “By Agnieszka Flak HELSINKI (Reuters Life!) – Forget horoscopes and fortune-tellers — steam is the hot way to ensure marital bliss for a bride-to-be in sauna-loving Finland. A few days before Anna Solovjew’s big day, friends invited her to a bridal…”;

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By Agnieszka Flak
HELSINKI (Reuters Life!) – Forget horoscopes and fortune-tellers — steam is the hot way to ensure marital bliss for a bride-to-be in sauna-loving Finland.
A few days before Anna Solovjew’s big day, friends invited her to a bridal initiation in a steam room to ensure good fortune in her married life.
“It was the first time I profoundly thought over what getting married and married life really means,” Solovjew said.
One of her fellow bathers rubbed salt into her back and whipped her with a whisk to chase away all her old loves.
All those present poured milk on the bride’s body symbolically to impart gentleness to her married life and honey to ensure the union would soon produce children.
“After that, I was more ready to tie the knot and was totally sure I wanted to do it,” she said.
The ritual stems from the centuries-old tradition of using a sauna to cleanse the body and the soul.
Finns say the darkness of the room and the scalding hot steam are an escape from everyday troubles and provide an opportunity to indulge in positive thoughts.
The sauna is embedded in Finns’ lifestyle, with one sauna for every three people.
Saunas are found in other parts of the world but the Finns have made it an intrinsic part of their life.
With winter temperatures falling to minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40 Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country, in the past the sauna was the room Finns constructed first when building their homes.
“That’s how we survived, because we needed it for the warmth, to wash ourselves and to dry meat,” said Merja Hedman, the head of the 3,800-member Finnish Sauna Society in Helsinki.
Routines vary, but the basic idea is the same: basking in temperatures of between 70 to 140 degrees Celsius (160 and 280 Fahrenheit) followed by a quick cool-off.
Having a washing attendant, flaying oneself with birch twigs, plunging into a hole cut into the ice of a frozen lake or rolling in the snow are optional extras.  Continued…

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