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>Fed Will Leave Key Rate Near Zero This Year and Next


In this March 3, 2009 file photo, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke AP – In this March 3, 2009 file photo, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies on Capitol Hill in …
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WASHINGTON – With a key interest rate already near zero, Federal Reserve policymakers are weighing what other tools they can use to jolt the country out of recession.
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues resume their two-day meeting Wednesday, and at its conclusion they are all but certain to leave a key bank lending rate at a record low to try to bolster the economy, which has been stuck in a recession since December 2007.
Economists predict the Fed will hold its lending rate between zero and 0.25 percent for the rest of this year and for most — if not all of — next year.
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