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>America’s Policy Toward Russia Has Been Exceedingly Foolish


The following from Hillsdale College argues for greater strategic nuclear muscle than American currently has. While the publishers of this blog agree that we need greater, not less, nuclear deterrents to China’s and Russia’s rapid buildup of arms, they still strongly maintain that the answer for America right now is less military presence abroad, not more. BRING OUR BOYS HOME IS THE SLOGAN, THE CHANT, THE OVERRIDING GOAL OF THIS BLOG. It was two months ago when it was started and it remains valid today.

It is especially essential now in order to divert miltary spending for the defense of Afghanistan and Iraq — and Barak Obama’s newest war, Libya — to help reduce the deficit that is causing America to pay upwards of $400 billion yearly on Chinese interest alone. That is unsustainable; and it gets larger and larger each year. Soon, if we don’t get serious in Washington, we will be paying more for interest than all of the revenues collected in taxes, and we can’t let that happen. 

“The President has a completely different view of the federal government than I do. Having said that, for the good of the country it’s our obligation to sit down and try to find a way to work together to advance the interest of our country.”

Read more: can’t Republicans convince Democrats that this is the greatest crisis facing America since World War Two? It is because Obama and all Democrats are the party of big government. While Republicans are the party of small government, private enterprise, and lower taxes.

We on the right demand spending cuts. Those on the left demand more spending, but they don’t make any sense. How can you continue to outspend your income? Obviously, few if any of the Democrats ever had to meet a payroll. Certainly they don’t run their personal finances in this rag-tattered way, do they? Why did they go to college–to learn to spend someone else’s money or to learn to live modestly using their own resources?

The following is part of a release entitled “It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid” printed here in part by permission from Hillsdale College. It was adapted from a talk given by Brian T. Kennedy, president of Hillsdale and publisher of Claremont Review. He has written on national security affairs in the National Review, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and other national newspapers. He sits on the Independent Working Group on Missile Defense and is co-author to the recent book Shariah: The Threat to America.

Khruschev and Kennedy Arm Wrestle Over Cuban Missile Crisis
Perhaps it is not surprising [then] that our policy toward Russia has been extremely foolish.
For the past two decades we have paid the Russians to dismantle nuclear warheads they would have dismantled anyway, while they have used these resources to modernize their ballistic missiles. On our part, we have not even tested a nuclear warhead since 1992—which is to say we are not certain they work anymore. Nor have we maintained any tactical nuclear weapons. Nor have we built the missile defense system suggested by President Reagan.
Just last month, with bi-partisan backing from members of the foreign policy establishment, the Senate ratified the New Start Treaty, that will further reduce our nuclear arsenal, and will almost certainly cause further delays in building nuclear defenses—and this with a nation which engages in massive deception against us, supports our enemies, and builds ever more advanced nuclear weapons.
At the heart of America’s strategic defense policy today is the idea of launching  a retaliatory nuclear strike against whatever nuclear power attacks us. But absent reliable confidence in the lethality of forces, such a deterrent is meaningless. In this light, deliberating about the need for a robust modernization program, rather than arms reductions, through New Start would have been a better way for Congress to spend the days leading up to Christmas—which is to say it would have been supportive of our strategic defense policy, rather than undercutting it
Pictures, SCAPE TV
But what about the strategic policy? Some New Start supporters argued that reducing rather than modernizing our nuclear arsenal places us on moral high ground in our dealings with other nations. But can any government claim to occupy moral high ground when it willingly, knowingly, purposefully keeps its people nakedly vulnerable to nuclear missiles?
The Russians understand well the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the American defense establishment, and have carefully orchestrated things for two decades so that we remain preoccupied with the threats of North Korea and now Iranian ballistic missiles. We spend our resources developing modest defense systems, albeit inadequately with these so-called rogue states, and meanwhile forego addressing the real threat from Russia and China, both of which are modernizing their forces. Who is to say that there will never be a time when the destruction or nuclear blackmail of the U.S. will not be in the interest of Russia and China.  Do we imagine that respect of human life or human rights will stop these brutal tyrannies from acting on such a determination?
If I sound pessimistic, I don’t mean to. Whatever kind of self-deception has gripped the architects of our current defense policies, the American people have proved capable of forcing a change in direction when they learn the facts. Americans do not wish to be subjected to Sharia law, owe large sums of money to the Chinese, or be kept vulnerable to nuclear missiles. Having responded resoundingly to the economic and Constitutional  crisis represented by Obamacare, it is now time to remind our representatives of the Constitutional requirement to provide for the common defense—in the true sense of the word.   

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