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>Get Tough With North Korea: Time For Obama To Prove His Mettle

>I wrote about Ruth Marcus’ piece in the Washington Post this morning. She has her head screwed on wrong. Here’s the link and copy of my comments, and you be the judge:

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How Is Cheney Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways

It’s worth reviewing his faulty arguments because there are so many.

By Ruth Marcus

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dusanotes wrote:
The Ruth Marcus piece was weak, not even worthy of publication. When her lead said “Let me count the ways,” I thought she was onto something. But she has nothing but conjectures and faulty arguments.

I liked Cheney’s speech and so did most Americans. It heralded an aggressive Republican Party unafraid to be on the attack against the do-nothing-big spending Democrats. Cheney’s speech was chockfull of cogent arguments — but remember history will be the final arbiter.

This argument about Gitmo and interrogation should be framed in a much bigger perspective — it’s really about which tact should be taken when dealing with terrorists and rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. The tough tact is the correct one. The current bomb crisis in North Korea was caused by Obama’s weak stance thus far. They’re testing him. Will he stand up to the test? I don’t know. It will be either handled deftly and correctly, making the North back down and destroy their bomb-making facilities with UN witnesses — and I think we’re off to a good start with 90 nations cooperating in some kind of economic embargo — or more of the same old lies that Clinton, Bush and now Obama seemed content to allow North Korea to get away with. Except in this case Obama is faced with a real crisis and must do something courageous for a change, instead of merely blaming Bush.

Now’s the time for you Obama and Hillary Clinton lovers, Ruth, to spout off if the president has anything to stand proud for and create an article that means something, an article that makes the little guy proud of his government instead of always hearing about the outrageous amounts of money spent on car makers and banks and that unnecessary $80 billion to build a new Gitmo when he can merely change the name or move them to U.S. soil,which he will do, damaging the good will of states he took in the election.

Cheney’s hard line is the right tact. Now’s the time for Obama’s hard line. Obama’s ho-hum attack — let the UN do it — is no attack and will get a lot of innocent people killed. The real face-off isn’t Obama-Cheney, the vice president won that one. Now it’s Obama-Kim Jung-Il and my guess is the Korean will win that one judging by the valor and patriotism we’ve seen in the past from this president who loves to apologize for America to bolster his own popularity when on foreign soil with international gangsters like Hugo Chavez and Castro.

5/28/2009 9:14:54 AM