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>Write Your Next Novel About a Mechanical Spider

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Spider REUTERS/Issei Kato
A giant mechanical spider operated by members of French company La Machine walks along the waterfront in Yokohama on Friday night. The 37-ton spider, which stands 12 meters tall, is in Yokohama as part of the events celebrating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Yokohama.

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  • jonnyboy at 10:43 AM JST – 18th April
    how can i get one?
  • flammenwerfer at 11:48 AM JST – 18th April
    dejavu – Wild Wild West.
  • Jigg88 at 12:02 PM JST – 18th April
    so then where is the giant enemy crab to combat this thing? if you know what I mean… 🙂
  • Weasel at 12:28 PM JST – 18th April
    Must have found it in from the movie set of Wild Wild West.
  • techall at 01:17 PM JST – 18th April
    Well, la machine has loosed le spider in le port huh.
  • bobcatfish at 02:07 PM JST – 18th April
    I wonder if it will try to mate with the one at roppongi hills?
  • wanderlust at 02:09 PM JST – 18th April
    Yokohama 150 year celebration. Giant mechanical spider. What’s the connection?
  • TokyoGas at 02:23 PM JST – 18th April
    I want to ride it!
  • rogerbentham at 02:53 PM JST – 18th April
    it would have been neat if it could support it’s own weight and even move around, but i doubt it judging by the hydraulic mounts in the back.
  • Totillytarian at 03:29 PM JST – 18th April
    I saw this spider in Liverpool!
  • Badge213 at 03:54 PM JST – 18th April
    War of the Worlds! Terminator! This is crazy. Good reason to stop in Yokohama if it’s still there.
  • jonnyboy at 04:11 PM JST – 18th April
    is it going to fight ultraman?
  • sf2k at 05:56 PM JST – 18th April
    yes what an excellent symbolic way to remind Japanese that they opened their borders.. “We should mark the anniversary with a giant monster” Check.
  • sf2k at 05:57 PM JST – 18th April
    now if they had opened the port 150 years ago with giant mechanical spiders, THAT would be awesome
  • onewrldoneppl at 06:49 PM JST – 18th April
    giant robots?! i love japan. and france … a little bit.