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The Company of Good Women, Vol. 3: Surprise Packages by Lael J. Littke July 11, 2008
In Surprise Packages, the satisfying conclusion of The Company of Good Women series, Juneau, Deenie, and Erin deal with a new set of challenges.
The Stripling Warrior and Warriorette Workout by Shane Barker July 08, 2008
“I’m sure that Helaman gave his young warriors drills that honed and sharpened their fighting skills. But I believe they had spiritual workouts, too. I believe they had activities and exercises that built their spiritual muscles so that they were ready when God needed them most.” Using engaging and timely stories along with insights from latter- day prophets, author Shane Barker encourages today’s teenagers to be spiritually prepared, to become valiant Latter- day Saints who are ready to stand up for what’s right.
The Temple: Where Heaven Meets Earth by Truman G. Madsen July 08, 2008
In his youth, Truman Madsen watched his grandparents take their large family to the temple almost every week. Decades later, a friend said, “Your spiritual life began with the temple and everything since has flowed from that.” The messages in this book attest to his love of temples.
Toss the Guilt and Catch the Joy: A Woman’s Guide to a Better Life by Merrilee Browne Boyack July 08, 2008
Are you tired of worrying about things you can’t control? Do you feel distracted or overwhelmed by the daily demands of living? Do you wonder if it’s even possible to make space in your busy life to become the person you really want to be? In her down- to- earth style, popular author and speaker Merrilee Boyack presents eight pairs of contrasting characteristics, inviting women to consider their own tendencies: Faithful or fearful? Focused or distracted? Peaceful or worried? She then discusses how we can move from where we are to where we want to be without feeling guilty or discouraged
Holding Fast: Dealing with Doubts in the Latter Days by Robert L. Millet July 08, 2008
This book is written to anyone (young or old) who has experienced doubts or who wants a stronger testimony of the gospel. In more than thirty years as a religious educator, Brother Millet has spent hundreds of hours meeting with people who wrestle with questions. He has observed what kinds of attitudes and habits undermine testimony and which ones engender steadfast hope and faith.
Odds Are You’re Going to Be Exalted: Evidence That the Plan of Salvation Works by Alonzo L. Gaskill May 30, 2008
Many Latter- day Saints worry whether they’re capable of reaching the celestial kingdom. Are these anxieties born of a sense of unworthiness, or is it that we just don’t think we can “do it all”? Author Alonzo L. Gaskill believes that such pessimism results from misunderstanding God’s great plan of happiness and what it is that the Lord actually requires of us.
Faith in the Service by Chad Hawkins May 09, 2008
This riveting collection of stories from Latter- day Saint men and women serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, and other locations around the world offers a remarkable record of uncommon courage and dedicated service.
The Great and Terrible, Vol. 5: From the End of Heaven by Chris Stewart May 09, 2008
The battle of good against evil intensifies in the darkness of an EMP-devastated America. The electromagnetic pulses that wiped out the country’s entire electrical grid have reduced people to an almost animal existence. While those with good hearts pull together to help each other, those inclined to evil find free reign for the rage that Satan and his minions are stirring up in their hearts.
Bitten by Robert Farrell Smith May 01, 2008
Serving as a missionary in Thelma’s Way, Tennessee, is an unforgettable, colorful, and bewildering experience for Trust Williams. (The bugs are the least of his problems.) But as Trust settles in, he begins to love this ratty bunch of misfits. In particular, he’s smitten by a mysterious redhead named Grace. His mission mishaps and later courtship will leave readers in stitches. In the end, Trust discovers that despite religion, location, or upbringing, love bites whom it pleases. Read a chapter from this favorite author
Freshman for President by Allyson B. Condie May 01, 2008
Fifteen- year- old Milo J. Wright and his best friend, Eden, are crazy to even consider participating in the election for President of the United States of America, aren’t they? Never mind that Milo is twenty years too young. Never mind the fact that he’ll have to balance the election with school, his lawn- mowing job, soccer practice, and trying to understand girls. There are times in life when you just have to go for something, no matter how impossible. Readers will discover that everyone, no matter what age, has something valuable to say. Read the first chapter.
The Book of Mormon Sleuth, Vol 5: Secret Mission by C. B. Andersen May 01, 2008
The Andrews family is off on another exciting quest, and once again, clues in the scriptures lead to mystery and adventure. Watch your kids run for their copies of the Book of Mormon to follow along!

Read the first chapter of novel.

The Cost of Winning: Coming In First Across the Wrong Finish Line by Dean Hughes April 03, 2008
Life is a not a contest. Why do we make it one, and in the process make ourselves unhappy and distant from the Lord? Bestselling author Dean Hughes suggests some ways to “get out of the game,” shedding a lot of what doesn’t matter and focusing on what does. Read the first chapter from a beloved author.
The Holy Secret by James L. Ferrell March 13, 2008
Many today carry a secret: We do not love what we have been commanded to love. We do not love what is holy. Although we might reverence things that are deemed holy– the temple, for example, and the scriptures, and the Sabbath– we do not love them. Not really. Not with our whole souls. Read the first chapter from this novel by the author of The Peacegiver.
MEE Speaks by Mary Ellen Edmunds March 13, 2008
Popular author and speaker Mary Ellen Edmunds is affectionately known to thousands of people by her initials, MEE. This sequel to her bestselling book MEE Thinks shares more of her whimsical thoughts about a host of topics such as noisy neighbors, unexpected gifts, early retirement, and putting first things first. This thoughtful, creative, poignant, funny book will lift your spirits and encourage you to think more deeply than ever before about the things that really matter in life (as well as some that don’t matter so much)! Read an excerpt from this new book
Finding the Angel Within: Spirituality, Body Image and Self-Worth by Pamela H. Hansen March 07, 2008
Why is it so difficult to feel good about ourselves? There are times when most, if not all of us, have felt miserable about our bodies– no matter what the number on the scale tells us. Bestselling author Pamela H. Hansen has received thousands of letters and emails from people struggling with issues of body image and self- worth. Her new book confronts society’s obsession with the perfect body and examines the destructive belief that physical appearance determines worth. This spiritually sound approach to developing a healthy body image will change the way you think about yourself and others. Read a chapter from this new inspirational book.
Whisperings of the Spirit by Nancy Murphy March 07, 2008
The Holy Ghost is always whispering to us. Through the Spirit we receive guidance that can be acquired in no other way. But are we listening? Communicating with the Holy Ghost is a process, not an event. Whisperings of the Spirit offers inspiration and guidance for seeking, recognizing, and acting on the promptings of the Holy Ghost. The author identifies some of the things that stand in the way of fully realizing our relationship with the Holy Ghost and provides specific suggestions to help us remember the whisperings of the Spirit. Read a chapter from this highly anticipated book.
Live, Love and Learn: Devotional Messages for Women by Mary Ellen Edmunds March 07, 2008
Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. Other times, a good laugh can turn the entire day around. Then there are times when a personal insight reminds us that there is more to life than schedules, laundry, and yet another trip to the grocery store. More than 60 straight-to-the-heart messages from the Time Out for Women team of speakers help make the connection between where we are and where we want to be. Included are selections by Mary Ellen Edmunds, Ardeth Kapp, Emily Watts, Hilary Weeks, and Virginia Pearce. This inspirational collection captures the warmth and wisdom of your favorite LDS speakers and authors. Read one of the devotionals by Mary Ellen Edmunds.
Fablehaven V3: The Grip of the Shadow Plague by Brandon Mull March 07, 2008
In the third volume, the peril escalates as an unexplained darkness infects the creatures of Fablehaven. Read the first chapter of this highly anticipated novel.
You Don’t Need to Slay My Dragons, Just Take Out the Trash by Beverly Campbell March 07, 2008
Science has long recognized that men and women think differently. So why are we surprised when experiences, language, or reactions are perceived in different ways? There are important variations in how men and women process such things as emotions, voice tones, and body language. Beverly Campbell, author of Eve and the Choice Made in Eden, with more than 40 years of marital and professional experience, offers a clear picture of who we were created to be and why our differences should be recognized and embraced. Read a chapter from this favorite author.
Forgiving Ourselves: Getting Back Up When We Let Ourselves Down by Wendy Ulrich March 07, 2008
All sin, many repent, but few really forgive themselves and find peace. Latter- day Saints believe in becoming better– we work hard at it– but we’re also among the most self- critical people. Too often we fail to fully claim the “amazing grace” of the Atonement. How can we help our loved ones– and ourselves– let go of past mistakes? Wendy Ulrich, an experienced psychologist, maps the journey from self blame to self- forgiveness. She shows how the pure doctrines of the restored gospel, coupled with the practical perspectives of psychology, can help us stop harrowing our souls and start planting the seeds of faith, healing, and joy. Read a chapter of this new great book.
Spires of Stone by Annette Lyon February 01, 2008
Bethany Hansen wasn’t sure when or if she would ever see Benjamin Adams again. She also told herself that it didn’t matter. But when Ben and his two brothers come home after more than two years of serving a mission to the Eastern states, her feelings of heartache and anger also return — fiercer than ever. And so do Ben’s feelings for her.

Read the first chapter of this highly anticipated novel.

Upon the Mountains by Gale Sears February 01, 2008
World War I is raging in Europe. As America is drawn into the bitter conflict, Nephi Erickson comes to believe enlisting with the Marines is not only his duty, but also his best chance at making some much-needed money. He feels he has failed in his promise to care for his wife, Alaina, and their small daughter, Katie. As he leaves their tranquil Salt Lake City hillside home for a barren battlefield where disease can be as deadly as the enemy, Nephi has no idea that Alaina is carrying their second child–a child he may never see. Read chapter one of this new novel!
Freefall by Traci Hunter Abramson January 31, 2008
Lieutenant Brent Miller arrived in the Middle East with one objective — get seven hostages out of a hostile country. The plan almost worked. But now he has been left behind — with one of the hostages. It’s up to Brent to get Amy Whitmore, an LDS Senator’s daughter, across miles of desert to safety. What he doesn’t know is that to survive, he needs her as much as she needs him. Read chapter 1 of this new novel!
Traitor by Sandra Grey January 31, 2008
With war raging in Europe, the only way Marie can be with Felix is to join the Allied forces. However, as Marie parachutes into France to Join the Resistance, she not only lands into the arms of her fiancé, but also drops into the hands of the enemy. Read the first chapter of this exciting new novel
Promise of Zion by Anita Stansfield January 31, 2008
Nothing has prepared Casey Harrison for the emotional and spiritual storms that lie ahead as he anticipates a future with Iris Barrington, whose wounded heart and spirit threaten to rob them both of their eternal destiny. This is a story of love, miracles, and redemption. Savor the superb storytelling skills of author Anita Stansfield in this triumphant finale of the Barrington family saga. Read chapter 1 of this novel!

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Little chapel’s keys returned to Church

President Hinckley accepts deed to Gadfield Elm Chapel — Church’s oldest building
Published: Saturday, June 5, 2004

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ELDERSFIELD, England — President Gordon B. Hinckley received on May 26 the deed to Gadfield Elm Chapel, the oldest existing building in the Church.

Photo by David M.W. Pickup
The deed to the historic 1836 Gadfield Elm Chapel in England, oldest existing building in the Church, was presented to President Gordon B. Hinckley May 26. The congregation of this chapel heard Wilford Woodruff preach, and many were baptized.

In a ceremony in the small chapel located in the quiet countryside of Worcestershire, President Hinckley stood where other luminaries in Church history must have stood as they preached the message and doctrines of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, including missionaries who are among his predecessors as presidents of the Church.

The chapel’s history goes back to 1836, when it was owned by the United Brethren, the membership of which joined the Church en-masse. The little chapel, which had a seating capacity of just 100 people, was given to the Church in 1840 by John Benbow and Thomas Kington. It served as the focal point of Church activity for thousands of Latter-day Saints until the majority immigrated to the United States. The chapel was sold in 1842 to finance immigration. In 1994, the Gadfield Elm Trust bought the chapel at auction and began immediately to restore the building. Although it was not then owned by the Church, the chapel was dedicated on April 23, 2000, by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve.

During the ceremony at the chapel on May 26, Wayne Gardner, a representative of Gadfield Elm Trust, turned over to President Hinckley the keys and deed to the chapel. Receiving the chapel on behalf of the Church, President Hinckley said, “I’ll look after it as long as I live.”

He recognized Rowland E. Elvidge, recently called as president of the London England Temple, as the one who saw the for-sale sign, which led to the trust purchasing the chapel. “To those who had the foresight to acquire it and to restore it, I wish to say that you will have the unending gratitude of the people of this Church,” President Hinckley said. “This is the oldest chapel we have anywhere in the world. . . . This chapel was in use by the Church before we had built anything in America.”

Photo by David M.W. Pickup
Gadfield Elm Trust representative Wayne Gardner presents chapel deed to President Gordon B. Hinckley.

He spoke of “the tremendous work that occurred here in the early days, when Wilford Woodruff came down here and met with the United Brethren and baptized so very, very many of them. (They) cleaned out the little pond which we were able to acquire and that was the place of baptism.

“Brigham Young came here, preached here, as did Wilford Woodruff. I think Heber C. Kimball preached here. The great moving doctrines of the Church were taught in this small little building where the hearts of many, many people were touched for their everlasting good. I don’t know the consequences of the numbers who were baptized, who are members of the Church today. But they must number in the thousands as a result of the harvest that occurred here at the Benbow Farm and in this general area. How grateful we are . . . for the faith of these men, the faith to leave their homes, the faith to travel to this distant land, the faith to dedicate themselves without any reluctance of any kind to the work. They worked night and day, unending, in carrying forward and building the kingdom on this part of the earth.

“And it was the effort that was made here that in reality saved the Church. The Church was in difficulty in Kirtland, and later in Nauvoo. The Church was in serious difficulty, and the converts who came from England, who came with faith and determination and love for the work, bolstered it in a way that was really a miracle to behold. We can all, every member of the Church throughout the entire world, be grateful for the infusion of faith and strength and integrity which came from the converts who came out of these British Isles. God be thanked for their strength, their power, their goodness, their capacity, and many of them for the terrible price which they paid. It was not a pleasant journey from here to America.”

President Hinckley acknowledged that the chapel had been dedicated “as a building, which was owned by the trust,” and that now that the Church owns the chapel it ought to be dedicated as “a property of the Church.”

Photo by David M.W. Pickup
The day before going to the chapel, President Hinckley spoke at a member meeting in the Preston England Stake. He also went to France and Spain.

In dedicating the chapel, President Hinckley expressed gratitude for “these good brethren to create a trust under which this property has been purchased and restored back to its original condition.”

Further, in the prayer, he said: “This is a place where the early leaders of this dispensation have spoken. Here they bore testimony that the angel mentioned in the Book of Revelation had flown and that the gospel had been restored. Here they bore witness of Thee and of Thy Beloved Son and of Thine appearance with Thy Son to the boy Joseph, parting the curtains and ushering in this, the dispensation of the fullness of times.

“Here they spoke with power and faith and touched the hearts of many people who went into the waters of baptism and joined the Church.

“Here in this hall they gathered together, partook of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, in remembrance of His sacrifice, His great Atonement wrought in behalf of all men. Great have been the occurrences in this place where we now meet. We are so thankful to be here and again express our gratitude to those of foresight and unselfishness who have worked together to restore this beautiful structure.

“May it stand now forever. May Thy watchcare be over it. . . .

“Father, we pray Thy blessings upon Thy work here in this great and beautiful land, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Touch again the hearts of the people as Thou didst once touch them in the past, that thousands more may embrace the gospel, and that the Church may grow and flourish and become strong and well known in this part of the world. There has been a falling away from the established churches in this area. We pray that as that has occurred, that there may be a strengthening of Thy work.”

Photo by David M.W. Pickup
President Gordon B. Hinckley raises a spadeful of “tough soil” while planting an English oak near the historic Gadfield Elm Chapel. He was joined in the digging by Wayne Gardner, holding pitchfork, and Peter Gardner, right of President Hinckley.

Elder Harold G. Hillam of the Seventy and president of the Europe West Area, conducted the ceremony in which the deed was transferred and the chapel was dedicated. Joining President Hinckley in speaking at the small gathering were Bishop Gardner and Simon Gibson, also of Gadfield Elm Trust.

After the handing-over ceremony, President Hinckley took part in planting an English oak near the building by digging two spadefuls of what he called “tough soil,” clay rather than loam. He was joined by Peter Gardner, Wayne Gardner’s father, who had done a lot of work on the property.

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