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>Clear, Honest Photographs Are Within Reach Of Everyone


Great Cameras – Not That Expensive


By Don White

Where do you get a big-sensor camera?

If you want good, clear pictures you need to look at the lens. Different size lenses are able to take different quality pictures.
Look for a bigger sensor in the camera and that may take some time…especially if you want to drop it in your pocket and go. We call those coat-pocket cameras. 
Like my Utah brother in law Paul Christensen, an expert photographer, I’m obsessed with big-sensor cameras. Or, rather, with big-sensor cameras that are, themselves, small.
For most of digital camera history, that’s been a contradiction
Small cameras have small sensors, and therefore produce far too many blurry or grainy shots. If you want a big sensor, you get a big camera-which is called an SLR.

An expert opinion

When you need advice, ask an expert, right? Paul Christensen out in Utah is an expert. His photos are wonderfully clear and beautiful. He reports on what to buy. “The competition is vast and getting more vast each and every day.  The array can be dazzling as well as the prices.”
With that comment, he’s talking professional grade cameras. But most of don’t need a top quality Lica or Nikon for the use we give it. But my thought is that first you learn about the best cameras, then drop down a bit depending on price.  
There are many things to consider such as quality, features, easiness, convenience. But when it comes to pictures there is only one, and only one feature, to consider.  That is the QUALITY OF THE GLASS.  Anything else, according to Christensen, is just blowing smoke.  
“I mean, take a minute to think about it. What you really want is a good quality picture.  Yes, to understand a good camera makes it a little harder at first but once you take the time and understand it, it is easy as the other.  It just takes the initial time investment.  Many of the better quality lens manufacturers also produce cheaper cameras with the same good quality of glass. 
                      Only Two Areas of The World Make Excellent Cameras
Paul opines that there are two good manufacturers of camera glass in the world – Japan and Europe:  Nikon, Canon, Leica (Europe), and another cheaper camera manufacturer uses Leica glass in their cameras.
Zeiss makes a good glass and is in Europe, but Paul Christensen doesn’t know if they make a camera. Zeiss makes lenses for Canon and Nikon,  but they are manual focus only.  A real drawback, according to Paul.   

“My wife gave me a 7 MP camera,” says Christensen, “made by Canon years ago and the quality of the pictures is superb.  My next camera will be a Nikon D90 because I have all of the lenses for that camera and they are compatible.  That is another positive feature about a good camera company. They will not out-mode your old products but rather, they will build upon them.
For most people the fast-click camera on their cell phones is sufficient. They seem to make good photographs – and the nice thing is you can immediately send them to someone across the globe wherever email service exists.