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>Read These Stories At Your Own Risk

>I don’t agree at all with the stories below – they come from the Huffington Report, so be careful not to believe one tenth of what you read. Maybe by offering this garbage I will receive a bunch of conservative comments down in the comment box and I can help you vent.
Don White

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Lionel Beehner: Anybody Know What ‘Smart Power’ Means?



Lionel Beehner: Hand it to Hillary Clinton. She’s managed to sum up the bold new direction of US foreign policy into a bumper-friendly catchphrase: smart power. Sufficiently vague, the phrase is remarkable for its meaninglessness. Ostensibly it combines “hard” with “soft” power, a win-win policy that will wow the pants off the world’s tyrants and restore American leadership in the world. But let’s face it: the phrase is nothing more than an empty policy that launched a thousand think-tank brown bags. The phrase avoids having to be specific about anything. Click here to read more.

Paul Begala: Bring Back the Stocks

As President Obama ushers in a new era of good feeling, allow me this potentially discordant note. As we finally stop torturing people, can we please start humiliating sleazeballs?

Steve Clemons: Obama and Ted Kennedy See Plans Foiled as Caroline Withdraws?

Caroline Kennedy may yet be a factor in American politics. Obama would love it for his own reasons — and so would the powerful political franchise that Ted Kennedy helped build.

Sen. Russ Feingold: A Great Start to Restoring the Rule of Law

President Obama has shown us how we can strengthen our national security without undermining our ideals. On Tuesday we witnessed history, and now we are witnessing fundamental change.

Robert Redford: Utah Lands Win a Reprieve at the Dawn of a Cleaner, Greener Future

Destroying our natural heritage will do nothing to solve our energy challenges for the long-term, which to me, is even more reason to act.

John McQuaid: Obama vs. the Media

Obama (correctly, I think) sees the press representing two things that are clear obstacles to his ambitious plans: official Washington and a trivia-obsessed media culture.