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>How Can The Libian Dictator Define Christianity?

But that’s just what he did, some time ago. Just goes to show you that the real experts of anything are outsiders. That sounds logical. Their minds are not muddled with all of the technical details of their subject.

News from Reuters, also in Middle East Online reports that the dictator Muammar Gaddafi (Qadafi) has decided that he knows better than Christians what Christianity is about.

While attending a prayer meeting in Niger to commemorate the birthday of Mohammed, Gaddafi said: “There are serious mistakes — among them the one saying that Jesus came as a messenger for other people other than the sons of Israel. Christianity is not a faith for people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Other people who are not sons of Israel have nothing to do with that religion. It is a mistake that another religion exists alongside Islam. There is only one religion which is Islam after Mohammed.”

The speech was broadcast live on Libyan TV. Imagine the confusion these poor souls must be going through. We hope they can have access to the Bible and other literature, including perhaps the Book of Mormon which makes clear the proposition that through the gathering of Israel there are many more people besides the Jews to whom Jesus spoke. He was the savior of all mankind, not just to the twelve tribes of Israel.