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>Obama Didn’t Get Approval From Congress For Libyan War

>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

Beck pointed out on his blog that President Barak Obama didn’t get approval for his first war, the Libyan War, from Congress – which is a constitutional requirement. I recall how meticulous Bush was in rounding up support for his war with Sadam Hussein.

This time the president has set a new low for cooperation and advice and concent with congress. No, let’s face it he didn’t even consult with key members of Congress. They are nasty Republicans, you know, and maybe they would have disagreed with him and wouldn’t have allowed the U.S. entry into another war when we already are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyone tell him we’re broke? Sounds reasonable to me that he should have at least had the leadership of the House over for breakfast or tea. Paul Ryan, Eric Kantor and John Boehner are sharp guys. Their input, it seems to me, may have been invaluable bfore committing our airmen, soldiers and seamen to warfare. Congress, legally and historically, hold the purse strings for or against war or even temporary incurrsions. Of course if Obama wanted to prove he is “in charge,” and that he can circumvent Congress or the Senate anytime he wants, then it’s okay. Then we’d have to call him a dictator and he would be the same as Kaddafi, wouldn’t he? A dictator himself. Then he would be opening himself up for some little rogue nation to attack America on the same grounds he allowed the military to attack Libya?

Just saying…

Of course, Obama couched this one in terms of it being only a few days and we’d be out. Certainly no ground troops. But to listen to the general that Brett Bair of Fox News had on tonight, he doesn’t believe the French or British are up to doing the ground work necessary to route out Kaddafi from this large desert country. He said he thought it was ridiculous for a U.S. president to assume the French would take over leadership of a ground war, which is what will be necessary if we are ever going to send Colonel Kaddafi on his way out of the country.

Oh, you say, but Obama promised us faithfully that we would not get  us involved in a ground war. Well, that’s apparently what this will devolve into. Now do you think Obama should have listened to Defense Secretary Gates and not gotten us into this war? How do you think Gates feels by now?

Oh, but it was three women administration ladies who knew more than Gates about the military and war, and gosh, they did talk to Commander in Chief Obama, our esteemed leader, into creating the no-fly zone over Libya. In fact they forced it on him by getting the U.N. to vote for it. Anything the U.N. does can’t be all bad, can it? Of course they didn’t realize that in order to be successful in a no-fly zone eventually you have to send in ground troops to push Kaddafi and his troops out of the country; or else, very soon, he will get Russia, China, or Iran to loan or sell him some planes and he will be back in the business of shooting all of his detractors over there from the air.

This general even said the Arab League has kind of dissolved, or at least disappeared. You won’t get them to take this war over. Framce amd Britain don’t have the money and moxy to beat Kaddafi in a war, so that leaves just us, the U.S., to fight this war we’re not supposed to be in in the first place. Funny, isn’t it, how America gets sucked into wars it doesn’t want to be in. Or did George Soros get us in this war? Many of us have a sneaky suspicion that he is behind a whole lot of mischief lately. Who else can we blame– the big corporate world that likes to see an American plane shot down because then it means they can sell the Pentagon another multi-billion-dollar jet plane? I totally apologize. I shouldn’t be saying things against the military-industrial complex in this country. They are beyond reproach.

I may be too hard on these good fellows? Someone’s gotta be getting money for us being in the war and it certainly isn’t Mr. and Mrs. John Q. America. We taxpayers just pay the bills. Kaddafi and his desert country meant very little to us. We don’t buy their oil. We don’t even like them, but that was no reason to spend many billions of dollars just to make Obama feel important making bombing missions and noises like Bush did.

The country was sort of behind Bush, for a time, but they are not behind Obama in this dumb move.So what good is it to have a Defense Secretary if you defy his sage advice? Why have a Congress if you never ask for permission to run a war? Just listen to Hilary Clinton, Mrs. Rice of the U.N. and Samantha Powers, a special national security advisor. Those ladies are smarter than ten defense secretaries.. . . they think..