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>The light shineth in darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not

>Thought For The Day:
Doctrine & Covenants Section 88:49: The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when you shall comprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him.

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The latest from Blogger Buzz

Your blog, your data

December 10, 2008permalink
Today’s release features a brand new graduate from the Blogger in Draft testing ground: Import and Export for Blogger blogs.

The import/export feature opens up a whole new range of portability for your blogs, as well as allows for a few new options in the blog creation process. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a handful of ideas that can be done with importing and exporting:

You can access Import and Export from the Blog Tools section on the Settings | Basic tab.
We have also added new importing options to the blog creation process:
For some more detailed info on all of the things you can do with Import and Export, please check out our accompanying help article.

A couple caveats

— JJ from the Data Liberation Front

iLike: Add a soundtrack to your blog

December 5, 2008permalink
Sometimes we stumble across gadgets that are just too cool to keep to ourselves. And such is the case with the slick iLike gadget, which should be a real treat for all of you Blogger audiophiles out there.

iLike brings music to your blog by letting you embed and share playlists that you make yourself. Using their simple interface, you can organize and arrange your tunes, then seamlessly integrate them into your blog’s sidebar.

To get started, head on over to the playlist editor and build up your list of tunes from the iLike database. When you are finished, simply click the orange ‘Done!’ button at the bottom of the page, and you will be taken to a preview of what your playlist will look like on Blogger.

If everything looks good, click the orange ‘Add to Blogger’ button to go to Blogger’s Import Page Element Page (if not already signed in you will be prompted to do so.) Then choose the blog which you want to have the playlist, and click ‘Add Widget.’

The iLike gadget will now show up in your blog’s page elements editor for you to arrange as you wish. Pretty cool, eh?

Keep in mind though that playlist editor feature of iLike is still technically in beta, so the usual caveats apply. However, if you are feeling extra entrepreneurial you could help out the iLike dev team by answering their quick survey.

— Brett

Reactions: easily engage your readers

November 6, 2008permalink
One of our goals at Blogger is to make it easy for authors to get feedback on their content; we believe that authors are driven in part by the reactions and criticisms offered by their readers, and that these interactions enhance the quality of blog content. In support of this effort, we’re launching Reactions, simple annotations chosen by authors and given by readers.
With Reactions, readers can easily respond with one click, increasing feedback on posts.
Photo by Kevin Steele

To enable Reactions, log in to your dashboard, go to Layout > Page Elements and click the Edit link in the Blog Posts element to open the blog post configuration tool. Then, check the box next to Reactions, edit your reactions as a comma-separated list, and click Save.

Reactions works with Layouts templates, though if your template is heavily customized, you may have to reset your widget templates for Reactions to appear. If you have a Classic template you will need to switch to Layouts to use Reactions.

Of course, Reactions isn’t the only way to gather great feedback from readers; we also recently launched the Embedded Comment Form. With both Reactions and better commenting, we aim to make it easier for you to get the response and adoration you deserve.

Try Reactions now! We hope your reaction is <3.

Updated, 2:30 PM: Corrected to say that Reactions is a Layouts-only feature.

— taj
Get more news from the Blogger team at the Blogger Buzz blog

The latest from Blogger in Draft

New feature: Geotagging

December 10, 2008permalink
We’ve just added geotagging to the new post editor on Blogger in draft. With geotagging, you can add a location to your each of your blog posts. Just as time stamps help readers find posts from a certain date or time, geotags give your readers a way to browse posts near a specific location.

Adding a geotag to your post is easy. Log into, open the post editor, and click the add location link below the main text field.

Use the location editor to search, drag, click and zoom on a map to choose and save a location. We’ll try to label the location you choose using our reverse geocoder, which looks up a name for a point on the map. You can also edit the location name by clicking the blue location name text below the search field.

When you publish your post, the geotag is displayed below your blog post as a link, which will open up Google Maps.

We also include each post’s location in your blog’s RSS and Atom feeds using GeoRSS, a standard for geotagging. This means that feed readers, map applications and search engines can associate your posts with their locations.

We’re still working on other ways to show geotag information on your blog. Brian, the Google engineer who created this feature in his 20% time, has written a gadget that will display your posts on a map. To add it to your blog, click “Add Your Own” on the “Add a Gadget” page and paste in this URL:

Geotagging has a few known issues. We’ll be addressing them shortly, but here are some suggested workarounds for the near-term:

What types of posts are you adding a location to? What other functionality would you like to see in this feature? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!
— Brian
Learn more about upcoming features at Blogger in Draft

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>Alan Lightman–A Rare Scientist, Teacher, Author

>To take the maiden voyage, I turn to the words of a physicist, Allan Lightman.

My friend Alan Lightman is talented and many-faceted and I only wished I lived in close proximity–I’m in Orlando and he is a New Englander. Not only a physicist, Lightman is an eminently successful sixty-year-old best-selling novelist and essayist. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams.

Alan Lightman is a rare find of an individual. He follows his finest instincts, intuition, and logic and becomes extremely successful, no matter what he is doing. Don White

I rarely write about science, though I wrote a very interesting, yet still unpublished 700-page science-religion book called Science and The Restoration of The Gospel that is filed away for the future and has yet to be sent out to a publisher. I would like a well-known man of Mormon religion to come knocking on my door to co-author it. I received approval from the great Alan Lightman to quote these passages and from many of my Mormon sources.

Alan Lightman knows his physics well enough to teach and write about it. In fact, this talented novelist fascinates by weaving science into his plots, narratives, and essays which requires a rare talent. I would love to visit this professor unexpectedly in his Massachusetts Institute of Technology classroom and see how he does it firsthand. He is author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams which I fell in love with. He is my friend and one of the most engaging, enlightened, intelligent seekers of truth I know of today. I highly recommend anyone purchasing or borrowing at least two of his books: the bestseller “Einstein’s Dreams and his most fascinating work—at least to me—called The Discoveries”, both of which I’ve read and enjoyed greatly. I have not read his latest novel, Ghost, but I understand it’s hardly a disappointment. I really wanted him to co-author a book with me, but he refused–too busy, he said. And now I can understand why. I’ll read and review the “Ghost” book as soon as possible. Meanwhile I recommend reading a review done by Anthony Giardina October 31, 2007 for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Some of Lightman’s statements and quotations:
1) “In a world of fixed future, there can be no right or wrong. Right and wrong demand freedom of choice, but if each action is already chosen, there can be no freedom of choice. In a world of fixed future, no person is responsible. The rooms are already arranged” (Alan Lightman, Einstein’s Dreams, Warner Books, 1994, 161, 162).

2) Even as Alan Lightman described it: “…with distant galaxies flying away from each other like dots painted on the skin of a swelling balloon” (Alan Lightman, The Discoveries, Random House, Inc., 2005, pp. 230, 231).

3) As Lightman said: “…when the universe returns to its hottest and densest state [under the oscillating universe theory], the temperature must reach at least 10 billion degrees, high enough to destroy all the heavy elements and begin over with nascent hydrogen. And at 10 billion degrees, as we have seen earlier, there will be so many electrons that space will be filled with black-body radiation, that is, the cosmic background radiation.”

4) “…In the late 1960s, biologists found that some bacteria developed immunity to antibiotics by changing the position of their genes on the chromosome. The position of a gene, in fact, partly governs its function, the function of neighboring genes, and the gene’s interaction with the rest of the organism” (Alan Lightman, The Discoveries, Pantheon Books, New York, 2005, p. 343).

5) “Mutations could occur in the standard theory of inheritance, but they were thought to be permanent rather than transient, and they were also thought to be random,” said Lightman (Ibid p. 332)

6) “Something was altering the genes on the maize chromosome in a regular and systematic way,” said Lightman. “That idea, already, was a revolution.”
Lightman summed up these findings: “No longer could one think of genes as fixed links on a chain, or of the chromosome as a static warehouse of instructions. The chromosome and genes on it were a dynamic system, changing during a single lifetime, both controlling and being controlled by the rest of the organism. McClintock fathomed some of these ideas, but not all, at the time. Even today, biologists don’t understand the details of how the information from the developing organism is relayed back to the chromosomes.”

7) As Alan Lightman reported, “In a rare and remarkable comment to Keller [Evelyn Fox Keller, who conducted extensive interviews with her in the late 1970s], McClintock described her creative moments of discovery: ‘When you suddenly see the problem, something happens-—you have the answer before you are able to put it into words. It is all done subconsciously. This has happened too many times to me, and I know when to take it seriously. I’m so absolutely sure. I don’t talk about it, I don’t have to tell anybody about it, I’m just sure this is it’ ” (Ibid).

8) Speaking of the central nervous system whose signals are believed to be transmitted via chemicals, not by electrical transmission, Lightman commented, “Such chemical controls provide a far more elaborate and finely balanced system than would be achieved by electrical transmission of nervous impulses” (Ibid p. 185).

9) According to Lightman, “it occurred about the time Einstein had his ‘thought experiments.’ Rutherford had his wildly intuitive ‘damn fool’ ideas, but very few scientists have reported receiving their great ideas in a dream” (Ibid p. 175).

10) Einstein’s findings led to “a wholesale reshaping of physics, called quantum mechanics, along a radically new conception of reality,” according to Lightman. (Ibid p. 14).