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>A Military Flyover Produced By God


Fw: Fly Over in DC…Grin!!!!!!!
John Raper    

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To:;; Dan Lunsford ; Don White; Steve Jenkins 

You had to be there to feel the spirit of the occassion. I was and it was amazing.

Was that providential or a Higher Power overriding the Air Force?
Have you ever felt GOD was on your side? Just Coincidence?
During the Glenn Beck rally in D.C., August 28, they requested a military  ‘ fly over ‘ and were denied (big surprise!)
God, however, overruled.  The flyover you’re about to see took place at 9:59 AM the morning of the rally that was to begin at 10:00 AM.

What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!