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>Stop Scam Artists Dead

>I get so many of these lousy con-artist come-on scams it makes me angry. Consider the following, that to the naive on the outside may even look legitimate, but isn’t.

Dalston Mill Fabrics Ltd
69-73 Ridley Road, Dalston,
London, E8 2NP, United Kingdom
TELL: +44 (0)7024075666, +44(0)7024013414
I am Eric Laurence, Human Resources head of Dalston Mill Fabrics Ltd
Based in London UK We are currently in search of a book-keeper/company
representative in the states.
Your Job description is as follows:
1)You would receive payment on our behalf from any of our various
clients which would be made out to you via checks, money orders or
travellers check.
2)As soon as the payment has been cleared by your bank,you then deduct a
commission of 10% of each payment you would be receiving on our behalf
which you are entitled to as been our representative
3)You thus send the remainder funds back via western union to details
you would be given as soon as it has been confirmed you have received
Our payments will be issued out in your name as we would inform our
clients to do.Therefore the following details would be needed from you
via email.
1)Your Full Name
2)Your Physical Address with your state,city and zipcode
3)Your Phone number
4)Your Age
5)Your Occupation
6)Your Nationality
7)Bank Name
Once we have all confirmed your details,it would be forwarded to one of
our clients and they will start making payments to you as the company’s
representative in the states .We would notify you as soon we confirm
that one of our clients has mailed out payment to you
Eric Laurence.

Here’s what’s wrong:

  • Nobody legitimate will give you ten percent of millions of dollars for merely using your bank account to accept money. If it were legit, they would hire a bookkeeper for $30,000 a year, but the checks wouldn’t be made out to him.
  • Checks would be deposited in the company account, not a personal bank account. If checks piled up in your account you’d have the FBI on your doorstep in an instant. They’d get you for racketeering, bank fraud, money laundering and mail fraud and the gangsters go Scott-free.
  • Look at the seven pieces of info they want. All this is is a scam to take over your identity. Any fool who would give them this is asking for it.
  • This is a fishing expedition: once they know all these things about you they will write an email telling you that someone else was more qualified. Then watch the firecrackers go off inside your credit card. You become el-pigeon, the target, the scapegoat. Stand clear.
  • Don’t be fooled by this garbage stuff. I once tallied a half billion dollars in scams sent to me inside of a month–there were seventy-five or so of these inventive emails. I wish I could get them to stop emailing me like this. But the only answer is to cancel this email service and get a new one. Or just delete this stuff each month. Don’t get caught in their scam. Get angry and stand clear!

Believe me–legitimate, legal companies don’t operate like this.