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>New Orleans French Quarter

National Geographic’s Photo of the Day

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will evacuate New Orleans on Friday in the wake of oncoming Hurricane Gustav which weather experts predict will come up the Gulf and could repeat what Katrina did four years ago.

Governor Jindal also signed a contra-flow agreement with Mississippi today which legally establishes an agreement between the two states on evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency. This is the same agreement that was in place under Governor Blanco, except Blanco and other Democrat local and state officials failed to prepare for Katrina, failed to evacuate people to save lives.

As you examine the above French Quarter building where people work and live, you may be saying to yourself you are blessed not to live in such a moldy, rundown area. That’s what I am saying, at the same time I feel for those people who were driven from their homes just four years ago and lacked the wisdom and resources to go somewhere else. I don’t understand why the federal government continues to allow people to rebuild and inhabit in flood zones like these.