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>YouTube: "I Invented The Internet" Production About Obama’s Dogma

I would suggest that each reader of Angerblog watch Loren Baxter’s YouTube production called “I Invented The Internet.”

In a fair way it tells us what Barak Hussein Obama stands for, and it’s not good.

Had John McCain used the same words about Black people that Obama used about white people, his grandmother to be specific, he would be branded a racist and be out of the running for president. For some reason the media and the liberals like to cut Obama plenty of slack. He can’t make enough boo-boos to get him called a racist in Vanity Fair and the New York Times. He called his grandmother “a typical white person,” when he described her walking down the street past some black men and feeling insecure about her safety.

How can we elect a person who for 17 years had a minister, who he called his personal mentor, call Israel “a dirty word?”

How can we elect a president so strongly associated with Marxist ideas? As you know, he not only wants to lead America, he wants to change America. He would be the first president who would place himself on the same level as the very people who want to anniallate this nation’s people: North Korea, China, Cuba, Omar Kadafi’s Lybia, Syria, Iran, and perhaps Russia (if you really get down to it) and Saudi Arabia (if we didn’t have what they want, our warplanes).

Enjoy the video and learn: