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January 18, 2010

Elton John and his gay partner now are happy parents of a new baby girl born to Elton’s surrogate. The baby will be reared by the two gays – probably by hiring surrogate pa rents or a woman to come in and take care of the baby. Well, if you can’t get a baby one way, there’s always a way. Elton and Miss Elton were denied adoption rights.
* St. Louis (East St. Louis) is the most dangerous city in America.
* Camden, NJ is firing half it’s police force. Not enough money.
* Detroit is trying to meet it’s bills by closing down 44 schools.
* Most states are basket cases financially. They want bailouts by the Federal Government, but I say NO! They made their beds, now they can lay in them. The U.S. itself is bankrupt. It can’t afford to bail out anyone.
* Fed’s Ben Bernanke knows little about economics. He thought he could print new money and solve America’s financial problems. Well, he was wrong. Those bonds he’s printing are worthless and people won’t buy them.
* China’s president says the dollar is a product of the past China now refuses to buy dollars. They’re selling all they can.
* France, Germany, UK, Canada, Russia, and China are putting together a basket of currencies to replace the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency.
* Expect massive inflation this year, in 2011. Got your food storage in order? You’ll need it. Soon we will see fifty-dollar-a-loaf bread in bakeries and grocery stores.
*Can you afford to even live? Government will come in trying to save the day.
*It will result in long food lines, longer even than those during the Great Depression.
*Remember, I said this is all going to happen, at least begin, this year, in 2011.
*By 2012 Obama will quit in desperation. That’s my prediction. Remember, you heard it first here at Don’s World. Who would want to preside over the liberal Democrats’ morass and huge mistakes? Don White