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>Who Cares About The Candidates’ Health?

>Dr. Lawrence Altman wrote another op-ed piece that the NY Times printed. But as I pointed out, it had nothing to do with his narrow-minded opinion that none of the four candidates provided adequate (for him) medical records, and everything to do with Altman’s liberal stands. Actually, McCain did provide 12 pages from his doctors, but little can satisfy a liberal doctor.

Here’s what I said in my comments to this silly, nonessential Times article.

October 20th, 2008 2:13 pm
“Dr. Altman got his article past the Times review board based on its political content, not the medical part. I really don’t care about the health of all four candidates. If you believed in our Constitution you wouldn’t either. Especially you libs including the Times who will see your beloved incompetent Nancy Pelosi become president if two candidates from either party die or become incapacitated in office. I believe I would take her brand of liberalism over Obama’s socialism any day.”

The following I added for this blog: “But of course Pelosi, too, is a million light years away from what the American want and deserve. Her head is never screwed on properly and she grasps very little already without being declared incompetent by Dr. Altman. Take care of that, Doctor, next time you see her.”
Don White

— Political Disconnect, Windermere, FL