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>Voter Registration Fraud Aids Obama


John Fund Interview: Voter Registration Fraud Like ‘Icebergs in the Ocean’
Even though ACORN is under investigation in over a dozen key states for voter registration fraud, John Fund tells Newsmax TV we’re only seeing a very small part of overall voter fraud. Hear his analysis and predictions of what could happen on election day and beyond and why.
Why Sen. Lieberman Strongly Backs McCain
In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman tells Newsmax correspondent Ashley Martella his reasons for strongly supporting John McCain for president and his fears of what a Barack Obama presidency might mean.
An American Carol
Now playing in theaters.
Jewish Community Accepts Obama as Friend of Israel
Former New York Mayor, Ed Koch, a Barack Obama supporter, tells Newsmax that despite Obama’s long association with the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he thinks Jewish voters accept him as a friend and supporter of Israel. Hear his views on Obama’s association with terrorist William Ayers. The former New York mayor explains why Sarah Palin “scares the hell” out of him. Koch also shares his thoughts on the Freddie and Fannie bailouts and how he thinks the government can help people secure jobs.
Gaffney Interview: Ahmadinejad ‘More Dangerous Than Most of Us Can Comprehend’
Foreign policy and defense expert Frank Gaffney tells Newsmax TV the threat that Iran poses to the United States and details the weapons it’s developing for an attack. In this compelling interview, the former Reagan administration assistant secretary of defense explains how Iran’s planned use of “electromagnetic pulse” could cause catastrophic disaster for the U.S. Gaffney also gives his take on the presidential candidates’ readiness to be commander in chief.
Gov. Sanford: If South Carolina Falls, Game Over
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford tells Newsmax TV he expects the McCain/Palin ticket to carry his state and warns of dire consequences if that doesn’t happen. Hear his prediction for the re-election of Sen. Lindsey Graham. He also explains why eliminating earmarks alone isn’t enough in the battle against wasteful government spending. About off-shore oil drilling, Sanford rejects the idea of all royalties going to the federal government
Jim Hirsen: ABC’s Breach of Ethics With Palin Interview
Hollywood insider and Newsmax contributor James Hirsen tells TV correspondent Ashley Martella that the actual transcript of ABC’S interview of Sarah Palin does not match the broadcast itself. He suspects ABC substituted other Palin answers for questions that she had good answers for in an effort to make her look bad. Hear his detailed explanation of what ABC did after the Charlie Gibson interview.
Lynne Cheney Interview: ‘The Single Most Amazing and Important Intellectual Achievement in the History of the World.’
Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, tells Newsmax TV the importance of our Constitution, which she’s just written a children’s book about. She also talks about Sarah Palin, their plans after her husband leaves office, and whether she’ll pursue a political career of her own.
Carville: ‘Too Much Reassurance, Not Enough Passion’
Democratic strategist James Carville tells Newsmax TV how he feels about the big swing of white women toward John McCain. He’s also asked if Barack Obama has become more aggressive, as he recommended in the previous Newsmax interview, and whether Obama made a huge mistake in not choosing Hillary as his running mate.
Terrorism Expert: Al-Qaida Remains Committed to Spectacular Violence
In an interview with Newsmax TV, Brian Jenkins, a renowned expert on terrorism and transportation security assesses the chances of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, gives his take on anti-terrorism efforts around the world and lays out the monumental tasks facing the new president

>McCain Suspends Campaign While Obama Says: I’m Out On The Hustings, While America Burns

>It may backfire, but John McCain has just created an opening for him to shine for two days in Washington–getting the President and the Republicans in Congress to go for a negotiated compromise in the bail out of Wall Steet. All for which McCain can claim he was the brave knight on the white horse who saved America (and Congress from the ignomy of creating a huge depression).

That scenario is very possible because McCain is the one man in Washington who can pull it off. If I were Obama, after making that huge faux pas about being somewhere in the South if people in Washington need him, I would hide my head in shame.

Yes, Thursday and Friday may turn out to be a big poll turner for McCain.
Do you agree, or do you think this is a stunt by McCain that will backfire?
Comment, please.