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>McCain Suspends Campaign While Obama Says: I’m Out On The Hustings, While America Burns

>It may backfire, but John McCain has just created an opening for him to shine for two days in Washington–getting the President and the Republicans in Congress to go for a negotiated compromise in the bail out of Wall Steet. All for which McCain can claim he was the brave knight on the white horse who saved America (and Congress from the ignomy of creating a huge depression).

That scenario is very possible because McCain is the one man in Washington who can pull it off. If I were Obama, after making that huge faux pas about being somewhere in the South if people in Washington need him, I would hide my head in shame.

Yes, Thursday and Friday may turn out to be a big poll turner for McCain.
Do you agree, or do you think this is a stunt by McCain that will backfire?
Comment, please.