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>Will It Be a 30-Year Occupation?

Putin will not be an easy man to dislodge from Georgia. I got on one web site this morning and one of the bloggers was a kid who was criticizing John McCain for mentioning it was Putin’s war in Georgia, failing to mention President Medvedev. While Vladimir Putin is now the Prime Minister of Russia, titles don’t mean much to the former Communists. Putin controls more than half of the Russian Parliament. He had Medvedev installed as president, his old buddy and puppet.

These ideas of retracing the map back to pre-1991 have Putin’s aggressive imprimatur–they were his ideas, not Medvedev’s, who merely carries out his master’s plans. The blogging school kid incorrectly chided McCain on his lack of sophistication about the Russian hierarchy, not realizing the realities of Russian politics. Of course, the blogger was from Canada and not America.

It may be a long, long time before Putin sends his troops home and takes down those missile sites aimed at Tbilisi, Georgia