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>Cosmic Light Logic And Energy Medicine

by author Joseph Barry Martin, PhD, edited by Don White

When we suffer from any kind of pain–physical, emotional, or spiritual, including a painful relationship–our emotions send messages to the body and mind about the need to return to balance. Responding to this call in a positive way can help us find energy and a sense of happiness, vitality, and joy.

During 35 years of clinical work as a psychotherapist and energy counsellor, I have heard people tell me that chronic pain goes away only when they deal with its root causes. There is an end to suffering, and we can find it through practices that include deep breathing and visualization during meditation. These practices must acknowledge that pain does indeed hurt. At the same time individuals can develop a conscious, open, flowing, and energetic reconnection with what I call the Source and others call cosmic energy, prana (in Hinduism, the life-giving force), or qi (in some Chinese philosophies, the physical life force). Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old medicine of India, states that we are primarily energy and consciousness. Most recent science agrees.

“After decades of being ‘off limits’ to academic science and medicine, . . . there is a growing appreciation that all medicine is energy medicine and that the energetic perspective holds the key to the future of the entire medical enterprise,” writes Dr. James Oschman in his book Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance (Butterworth Heinemann, 2003). Energy medicine is the holistic approach to healing.

Healing the Four Energy Bodies

The goal in energy medicine is to bring into balance our four energy bodies: the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physiological. “Dis-ease” results from a spiritual disconnection, poor mental attitudes with outdated beliefs, painful blocked emotions such as anger, grief, and fear, and physiological-biochemical imbalances. The quest for spiritual meaning, mental clarity, and emotional clearing and openness are as important as treating the physical body.

Dr. Carl Jung was keen to point out that the primary concern of every one of his clients was finding spiritual meaning and purpose in life. An individual’s spiritual separation is the primary cause of illness. If not dealt with, it will later cause imbalance and illness in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Although there are many powerful techniques for healing the four energy bodies, only two are outlined here–deep diaphragmatic breathing and full breathing with light visualization during meditation. Both techniques focus on emotions inside the body.

Deep Breathing

Sit comfortably and breathe deeply into the diaphragm. Breathe in slowly and deeply to fill your lower abdomen so that your lower belly moves outward two to three inches. As you exhale, let your abdominal muscles pull back toward the spine, forcing out the dead air. Breathing this way charges your body with oxygen to increase energy levels.

Visualization During Meditation

As you breathe in and out, see, sense, and intuit a beautiful golden white light being brought in with every breath and filling every space, atom, DNA, cell, tissue, and organ within you. This healing light will go to areas of pain and release the distress you feel there. Inhale more golden white light; exhale the dark pain outside. Realize the truth that you are not the pain or suffering. You are cosmic light full of energy and consciousness.

While visualizing and meditating to heal and release pain, focus on the physical discomfort blocked within your physical body and intuitively access the blocked emotions there. Is your body telling you something about your healing? Allow the golden white light to release blocked emotions.

Just as you are not your pain, you are not your past, job, life and gender roles, age, health status, or anything else. You are the love you were created to be. Deal with the causes of your pain and suffering in a self-responsible, self-empowering manner. Have fun with this. Be the love you are.

Focus to Heal

Psychoneuroimmunology research has shown that the techniques outlined here can help the mind to focus and produce healing in the physical body, including the immune system. These lifestyle changes can promote wellness and manage chronic illness. For training in sychoneuroimmunology, ask your complementary medicine practitioner.

Joseph Barry Martin, PhD, is an energy medicine practitioner, psychotherapist, teacher, author, medical anthropologist, and coach in Victoria, BC. Visit

Source: alive #280, February 2006

Get Angry About Too Much Sugar
Don White

Science fiction guru Isaac Asimov in 1966 at the height of the Cold War wrote a thriller called Fantastic Voyage. It had to do with new technology that scientists had developed (fiction then) to miniaturize doctors and send them inside the vessels of the body to correct defects of man.

That was the fantastic voyage, not space travel, for Asimov, one of the greatest and most prolific novelists we have ever known. The miniaturization had one fatal flaw, it wore off quickly. Professor Benes develops the breakthrough that overcomes this limitation. But before he is able to communicate his crucial insight he falls into a coma, with a potentially fatal blood clot in his brain.

Against a backdrop of the continuing time limitation and international intrigue, our side sends in a submarine with five specialists using the still time-limited miniaturization technology to travel inside Benes body and destroy the blood clot.

Likely you read the book or saw the exciting movie. Moviegoers are treated to a genuinely fantastic voyage through the vessels of the human body as the intrepid team battles enormous white blood cells, insidious antibodies, annoying platelets and other threats as they work to achieve their goal before the miniaturization catastrophically wears off.

What’s the point? Only that in 1966 medicine had no idea that Asimov’s fiction would largely come about. Not that people are made small enough to go into the blood stream, but that we have developed medicine and vitamins that can do the job for us.

A futurist, Ray Karswell, has written some books about what to expect in travel in the future and health. The latter book is about health. In fact on page 3 his subtitle is: IMMORTALITY IS WITHIN OUR GRASP

If there are Christians in the “house” and I offend anyone who believes Jesus Christ has already done that in his atonement–and I am one of them–please bear with us. Kurzwell is zany, but his point was well taken. If we “eat well enough” people say we can do that. No–it isn’t what we eat, but what we digest, that’s most important.

There is an enemy in our quest to live longer. Who is it? It is sugar.
Never when I was growing up did I suspect that sugar was the prime cause of cancer, one of the biggest threats to long life. Keep sugar down in your diet and you’ll live a long while–and I mean actual sugar, not the kind you get from raw apples or other unsweetened fruit.

Listen to Kurzwell: “It is wise to consider the process of reversing and overcoming the dangerous progression of disease as a war. As in any war, if the enemy is at the gates–or inside the gates–it’s important to mobilize all the means of intelligence and weaponry that can be harnessed. That’s why we’ll advocate that key dangers be attacked on multiple fronts. For example , we’ll discuss ten approaches that should be practiced concurrently for prevention of heart disease…”

Who is the enemy? Put yourself at the top of the list. Until the onset of symptoms, most people do not focus on prevention of disease, so health officials give limited advice until something is severe…usually.

The second enemy is the disease process, itself.

As time goes on we’ll give you more specifics on how sugar can expand cancer in the human body, instead of reduce it. You know, don’t you, that all of us have cancerous tissues and cells inside our bodies. But because our bodies are healthy, our good cells fight and beat down the cancerous ones so that cancer never really gets a foothold. But what happens when you eat too much sugar and don’t get enough vitamin D-producing sunshine is that these bad cells multiply and become a big cancer, taking over vital body functions.

Enough for now. Just remember, if you drink coffee maybe you need to consider taking it without sugar–or with less sugar. If you drink herbal tea, honey is a lot better for you than granulated white sugar. Spend more time outside, until we talk again.