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>People Who Live In Glass Houses. . . Rocks?


We live in a beautiful neo-Mediteranian house in Florida and it has plenty of glass. How can we endure the endless golden red sunsets? Quite nicely, thank you. Our home has a southeast front exposure and a northwest back exposure. Usually when people live in glass houses, they immediately find themselves installing draperies and blinds to shade them from the sun.

We don’t share that difficulty because of the forethought that went into the home’s design. All but one of the back windows are under copious lanais and overhangs. When it rains, or when the sun shines, we are not greatly affected.

Our masterbedroom has the bay windows that are not covered by wide overhangs. Thus, we have installed blinds to shade us from the sun, however these windows are on the extreme north and get sun only in the afternoon.
It’s just a great home in this regard.

However, we’re hearing of people in New York, for example, who bought or built their homes because of the beautiful view of Manhattan, the Hudson or East Rivers, and even the Ocean views. Most people love to look across town and see these shinning marvels of architectural genius gleaming in the golden sun. It’s stunning, really.

But these high-rises were not built with copious overhangs, skyscrapers never are. Thus, they are exposed to Mr. Sun. The sun not only becomes a nuisance at certain times of the day, but it fades furniture, wood floors, and other things in its way. If you have paintings on the walls and the sun glaring down on them, watch out. They will soon fade.

The homes below have glassed-in ceilings which are very attractive and allow light into rooms that otherwise might be dark and gloomy. it’s a great idea if these ceiling lites are placed properly, perhaps where the sun doesn’t glare down on the house all day. Otherwise, the airc onditioning bill will go out of sight.

The following is a story I want to refer you to about this “problem”–which is only a problem to some, not us.
Read the article, “People Who Live In Glass Houses by Sara Lin of the Wall Street Journal.
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