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Dear Online Reader,

Call me shallow, but this morning I was positively THRILLED to be able to go to the next smallest hole in my long-suffering belt. It was the first time in nearly 10 years that the new hole was on the left instead of the right!

The weird thing is, I’d been working out (fairly) regularly for nearly all that time – and achieved no visible results whatsoever. And I was eating right, too – or so I thought! My breakthrough came at long last, thanks to the revolutionary MEN’S HEALTH TNT DIET. Click here to learn more!

It’ll BLOW AWAY nearly everything you think you know about getting into top shape. MEN’S HEALTH TNT DIET presents an entirely new and different way to burn off body fat and build muscle at the same time! (My bench press went up 20 pounds in 3 weeks.)

It’s so powerful that it actually RE-CHANNELS the calories you eat – bypassing your belly and delivering them to your biceps, delts, and other muscles you want to get HUGE!

This is your opportunity to “test drive” this revolutionary program for yourself, in your own home – FREE! Read it, use it, and check out the results with a scale, tape measure, and mirror for 21 days.

If you’re not totally satisfied that your body is undergoing a profound and exciting transformation, just send the book back and owe nothing. We’re so sure you’ll be thrilled that we’ll send you 3 FREE gifts just for looking at this book. And you can keep all three whether you decide to keep the book or not.

FACT: The average guy who follows the TNT plan drops 16 pounds of fat and packs on 2 pounds of muscle in just 12 weeks.

Many experts argue that with ordinary diets you can’t lose weight and gain muscle at the same time – the body doesn’t work that way. And, they’re absolutely right. Stick with a typical diet long enough to lose, say, 20 pounds, and you’ll have lost 5 pounds of muscle along with 15 pounds of fat.

MEN’S HEALTH TNT DIET is so different that it shatters this supposed “rule” and can actually pack on new, sleeve-busting muscle even as your belly shrinks! The end results not only LOOKS a lot better, but can actually be better for your health, too. Learn why — click here.

Order Now!
With this special 21-day FREE-TRIAL offer, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything. Ever. Plus, you get an incredible LIFETIME GUARANTEE of satisfaction! And your lifetime, as you’ll read soon, could be a lot longer than you think – if you implement the MEN’S HEALTH TNT DIET!
So, go ahead and request your personal test run today. You’ve got nothing to lose – except your gut!
Don’t you want to look great naked?


Chris Cunningham
Men’s Health Books

P.S. Reply now and we’ll send you three excellent guides for better nutrition, health, and sex, just for looking at MEN’S HEALTH TNT DIET. They’re yours to keep – no matter what you decide about the book.

Order Now!
Order Now!

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