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>North Korea Has Declared War on U.S.


You might wonder what President Obama is doing? He has beefed up Hawaii's anti missile defense system.
I would hope also that maybe he has ordered some ships to respond in that area.
In hard news, North Korea has declared war on America, and President Obama seems to have no

answers. Apparently Kim Jong Il does not read the Jayson Blair Times at wine and cheese

parties. The two kidnapped American girls must be brought home immediately. 
In Israel, the Knesset has finally had enough. They are advocating a bold proposal for dealing

with the Palesimians that I love.
A recent example of Ideological Bigotry came from Playboy. It takes a lot for a single man

to be angry at playboy, but their abusive column towards some of the loveliest conservative

women on Earth was beyond the pale, even for them.
Brian Hoffman produced a fun movie satirizing wine snobs. It is entitled "Corked."
On the domestic policy front, the Reich has declared war again, but this has nothing to do

with the Holocaust or Germany.
As for Barack Obama, he is a man, not a movement.
In bizarre political news, I still can't figure out why New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was

found swimming in my swimming pool. I wish he would leave.
Myspace and Facebook were bad enough. We now have the apocalypse, known as Twitter. We are

becoming the nation of Narcissista, a bunch of self-absorbed Twit(terer)s.
Every other political issue under the sun was covered here.
Congratulations to Conan O'Brien, who succeeds without the nastiness of his competitor.

Johnny Carson would approve.
Most importantly, attached are a bunch of links of events that others are working on. Please

send me your events and I will happily promote them.
eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

>Outrage! Obama Bows to Saudi King, Criticizes America


By Don White

It’s outrageous and it makes me mad. Our own president, Barak Obama, wouldn’t bow to Queen Elizabeth but he bowed to an Arab King, a man to whom he owes his college education.

We’ve been saying it all along. Obama owes a lot to the Saudis, and now he has proven it. He actually took a deep bow in greeting the King of Saudi Arabia. Why he didn’t also genuflect, I do not know. Now the whole world knows from whom he’s taking his orders. “Weaken those lousy Americans, bring them to their knees,” the King probably told his favorite protege. “Then embarass them by criticizing them for their arrogance and stupidity. Obama has yet to call us stupid pigs, but he did publicly say Americans were arrogant.

It scares me to see our “arrogant” president out there in the world without his usual tele-prompter. He’s bound to give away Alaska before he’s through. His incompetent press secretary, Robert Gibbs, tells him what to say. Gibbs, the world’s worst public speaker, can’t say one sentence without pausing to gather his thoughts and he expostulates, saying “uh, uh, uh,” in each sentence.

Gibbs is the one needing the prompter — skewer his butt to get him going. Oh, how I long for the glib and freely talkative, chattering, babbling, garrulous and loquacious press secretaries of the past. This one is too slow and ill-equipped to lead Obama by the hand when he’s off U.S. soil.

Obama’s only comment about North Korea’s Kim Jung Ill shooting off missiles over Japan is that the United Nations should do something about this man who “broke the rules.” What are the rules? He’s supposed to stop making nuclear weapons in exchange for that 500 million tons of food we gave them last year.

Imagine this horrendously ugly satire: We shoot down one of their blasted missiles just short of Alaska and Kim Jung Ill takes that food we gave them and gives it to his soldiers who attack and take over South Korea. Obama is dumbfounded and does nothing. America, beaten by it’s own food. We don’t want that to happen, do we, Mr. Obama, so how can you frame it so that we come out on top. This is where we need a real Secretary of Defense, not the submissive Mr. Gates. Get plan B into action: if we shoot it down and they attack, we drop a a nuke on them. Act boldly Gibbs and Obama, and quickly.

Why is it always the U.S. that has to come up with the food for a starving nation, the bribery money and the skewers?

This time we should picket the White House when Barak comes home. He has proven unworthy as a president. He has embarassed both himself and his country with his lack of bold leadership.

Obama should have said, “Kim, if you shoot another missile off — and I don’t care if it’s only a test or not — we will shoot it out of the sky.” And if you consider that an act of war, what do you consider shooting off a missile over a friendly country like Japan and it’s eight million people?

Kim Jung Ill: “Nothing.”

Obama: “But what if you miscalculate and destroy Tokyo?

Kim Jung Ill:“Well, it could just as easily be Yokohama with only three million.”

That’s the kind of intelligent intercourse you’ll get from Kim Jung Ill. Better to use threat of force on people like that.

If I were Obama I would start sending the B-2A Spirit* loaded with nukes over North Korea and announce to the world you are doing it until Kim complies with the “agreement” and stops developing nuclear warheads and testing his missiles. If he sends one up to get the B-2A, have the bombardier send one down. “That will learn ’em.”

Let’s see how fast he stops shooting off his “fireworks.” Maybe then, he will cool down and take away the threat of sending his million-man army south to take over South Korea when he knows we could take out his entire country on one flight mission. Maybe then Obama could earn some respect from both sides of the isle that he so sorely needs. Countries like Poland might like him better as well if he had a stiffer spine.

Note: There are only 20 B-2A Spirits available. This stealth bomber would be in keeping with the spirit of the high-spending Obama administration. It cost $2.1 billion dollars per airframe, each is worth the same as half an entire aircraft carrier - or, ''literally'', more than its weight in gold). With the recent destruction of one in a crash (the crew ejected), the number stands at 20, mostly based at Whiteman AFB.
** Used in the DaleBrown novel ''Sky Masters''.