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>The Prophet Joseph Smith Befriended Those Threatening His Life

Below: Joesph and Hyrum Smith on horseback.
Top: Joseph Smith befriending men who had come to kill him

In Far West, Missouri when a group of armed militiamen came to arrest Joseph Smith he looked upon them with a very pleasant smile. Stepping up to them, he gave each of them his hand.

The spirit touched these men. Joseph approached them in a manner which convinced them he was neither a guilty criminal nor a cowering hypocroyr.
They stopped and stared as if a spectre had passed their path.

Joseph sat down and entered into conversation with them and explained to them the views and feelings of the people called Mormons and what their course had been, as also the treatment which they had met with from their enemies since the first outset of the Church. He told them that malice and detraction had pursued them ever since they had entered Missouri, but they were a people who had never broken the laws to his knowledge. But if they had they stood ready to be tried by the law . . .

“After this, he rose and said: “Mother I believe I will go home. Emma will be expecting me.” Two of the men sprang to their feet saying. “You shall not go alone, for it is not safe. We will go with you and guard you.” Joseph thanked them, and they went with him.

“The remainder of the officers stood by the door while these were absent, and I overheard the following conversation between them:

“First Officer: “Did you not feel strangely when Smith took you by the hand? I never felt so in my life.”
“The Second Officer: “I felt as though I could not move. I would not harm one hair of that man’s head for the whole world.”
“The Third Officer: “This is the last time you will ever catch me coming to kill Joe Smith or the Mormons either.”

The above was taken from an account by Joseph’s mother, Lucie Mack Smith, found in Teachings of the Presidents of the Church – Joseph Smith published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.