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>Have The Muslims Started Something?

>The news wires are all abuzz about a Chinese man attacking two American tourists on the opening day of the Olympic Games yesterday, killing one of them before committing suicide by jumping off a nearby shrine. The killing of innocent people for no apparent reason and committing suicide simultaneously or afterward is becoming endemic.

What is gained by such senseless aggression?

The aggressive Muslims–I’ll tone it down a bit–don’t know what they’re causing. Or maybe they do. They want hate and murder to abound. Hate is the opposite of love, which all religious people should espouse. Yet the Muslims, following the lead of Muhammad, seem to have a corner on killing others, setting off bombs, self-immolation that hurts others, and training others to be like them–to hate, hate, hate.

Because of lax practices in prisons, America has created a monster, a powder keg waiting to go off–all aided and abetted by Muslim imams working in prisons as consultants, leaders, chaplains, and supervisors.

The inspector general of the Department of Justice had this to say: “Chaplaincy services in the [U.S. Bureau of Prisons] remains vulnerable to infiltration by religious extremists.”

That’s really great. We spend millions of dollars to apprehend criminals, then we give them a Muslim counselor who converts them to one form of Islam, a religion of hate. Their jobs are to convert convicts and they’re doing a pretty good job of it, especially among black prisoners who start off hating society and all America has to offer. It has been estimated that there are 200,000 or more Muslims in this nation’s prisons–many of them black converts–just waiting to get out on the streets and commit–how do they say it–hA ri ‘kA ri? Ritual suicide.

They’ve filled their heads so full of this paradise idea where there are many virgins for each successful bomber male. It’s immolation Arab style, tying yourself to a bomb that goes off killing you and innocent bystanders.

Imam Warith-Deen Umar was one of the first Muslim chaplains hired to lead prayers and counsel inmates full time in American prisons. He was New York’s most influential Muslim prison chaplain, responsible for all hiring and firing of all imams in its prison system. He exercised complete control over personnel matters, including doctrinal training, before his retirement.

Under his 25-year leadership,the New York State Prison System added 56 Muslim clerics–more than any other state. Early in his career he founded the National Association of Muslim Chaplains, a recruiting operation he still runs from his home in Bethlehem, New York. The U.S. Military got its first chaplain from New York’s corps.

Umar and his 56 imams have ministered to some of the most violent members of society, converting thousands of them to Islam. This is a trend that is sweeping prisons nationwide, even alerting the sometimes somnolent FBI. It’s getting so bad that several high profile al Qaida suspects have been drawn to Islam while in prison.

This is all today. We will comment further on this highly toxic problem in America.