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>Infiltration, a Book Review

Infiltration: A Book Review by Don White

Author of the book is Paul Sperry

Review by Don White
The most dangerous Muslim radicals won’t be sneaking through our borders from the Middle East — they’re already here. That’s the alarming message of Washington-based investigative reporter Paul Sperry’s new book, Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.

Using access to classified documents as well as exclusive interviews with FBI agents, Customs officers, and military intelligence officials, Sperry reveals how the top levels of our government, armed forces and intelligence agencies have been compromised by radical Muslims — many of them trained, supported, and inserted into their positions by the so-called “moderate” Muslim establishment in America.

Cleverly exploiting “diversity,” “religious freedom,” and tax-exemption laws, these subversives have gained firm footholds in key American institutions, including public schools and universities, the federal and state prison system, law enforcement, the military, nuclear weapons laboratories, the Department of Homeland Security — even the White House.

The ultimate goal of these Muslim subversives, according to Sperry — quoting verbatim from some of the most respected and “mainstream” Muslim leaders in America — is to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia (Islamic) law and turn America into an Islamic state. And, as Sperry details point-by-point, they have been aided and abetted in their sinister aims by tireless champions of spiritual and cultural relativism in the media and academia, who have mitigated the threat in the public’s mind by “mainstreaming” Islam.

Infiltraton, in even the best scenario for America, is a story of mass deception — a disturbing tale of how the American people have been played for fools, victims of an elaborate fraud orchestrated by the “mainstream” Muslim establishment to protect a faith from due scrutiny, while concealing an underworld that secretly plots to infiltrate and overturn the American system of government.
A small sampling of Paul Sperry’s disturbing revelations:

· “One Nation Under Allah”: how some of the most respected American Muslim leaders — the so-called “moderates” who have broken bread in the White House, prayed in Congress, advised the Pentagon, and even lectured cadets at the FBI academy — are harboring a secret dream about the future of American culture

· The influential American Muslim leader who has repeatedly told Muslim audiences that their goal is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state, even if it takes “a hundred years”

· How an Islamic activist obtained a sensitive intelligence post at the Department of Homeland Security even though he failed to disclose his past association with a confessed terrorist — an omission overlooked by a federal personnel agency he happened to previously advise as one of its top internal lawyers

· The senior White House official who once lobbied Congress and federal agencies to make it harder for federal law enforcement to deport Middle Eastern immigrants with suspected terror links

· The FBI’s translator program: a den of deceit and dual loyalties, where mistranslation of al Qaeda intercepts by Muslim and Arab linguists is commonplace, say agents and translators who have worked there

· How the FBI is putting its agents through “Muslim sensitivity training,” which includes inviting Muslim clerics and leaders to preach about the allegedly peaceful attributes of Islam

· The growing threat posed by the more than 20,000 Muslims in America’s armed forces — and by the estimated 200,000 Muslim prison inmates in America, many of whom have been converted by radical chaplains sympathetic to al Qaeda

· The Arabic translator in the Minneapolis field office of the FBI who had a relationship with an al Qaeda suspect for seven years — and was quietly let go only recently

· How, in their rush to recruit Arabic translators after 9/11, both the FBI and Pentagon cut corners on background checks and hired Muslim translators in spite of their ties to military and intelligence agencies in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey

· How laptops with classified intelligence about al Qaeda investigations have gone missing from the translation unit in the Washington field office of the FBI

· The Muslim FBI agent who refused to wear a wire to secretly record a Muslim target of a counter-terrorism investigation — and his friendship with the bookkeeper of the target

· How Arabic instructors at the Defense Language Institute, where U.S. Army translators are trained, gloss over Arab terrorism and focus instead on Arab arts and culture

· The deal the White House struck with Muslim-rights groups to avoid describing terrorism as “Islamic”

· How a Republican-tied Islamic institute has been running influence operations against the federal government
· The “moderate” Muslim advocacy group that, according to IRS financial records, has donated money to terrorist front groups, while also employing three officials recently arrested for terrorist-related activities

· How the same group has received substantial foreign support for its operations, despite public denials by its officials

· The Saudi-bankrolled American social studies teacher who is educating public-school children about Islam through sugarcoated textbooks and role-playing exercises in which kids “become Muslims” for weeks

· The Saudi-funded Washington-area mosque that ministered to at least two of the 9/11 terrorists. How at least four leaders of the mosque have come under federal investigation or scrutiny for terrorist ties

· How the tenants of a Pentagon-area apartment building popular with diplomats working for the Saudi Embassy in Washington cheered the 9/11 attacks, according to a leasing agent and former residents

· Why one former top FBI agent says the Bureau’s knowledge about the growing threat of Muslim fanatics in America still ranks about 20 on a scale of 1 to 100

· How, according to the former head of the FBI’s Washington field office, that office is home to a number of Muslim moles

· How the “moderate” Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is backed by a radical Middle Eastern foundation that supports Palestinian terrorists, according to tax and land records

· The “Wahhabi Corridor”: how an area in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., that is heavily populated by Muslims is serving as a base of operations for Islamic terrorists

· The Muslim art of telling “white lies” to defend the faith and further the cause of Allah, as instructed in the hadiths, the sacred supplements to the Quran

· The deceptive methods used by Muslim leaders to conceal the dark underbelly of Islam in an effort to gain wider acceptance in Washington — and how Washington’s politicians and pundits, even after 9/11, buy into Muslim leaders’ hype about the peaceful, non-threatening nature of Islam.
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