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>Meet The New LDS Apostle, Neil Andersen


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As he assumes the mantle as the newest member of the Quorum of the Twelve, filling the vacancy left by the death of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, Elder Neil Linden Andersen, 57, said, “My knees are weak and my emotions close to the surface.”
He said, “I am very humbled by this day, very overwhelmed by what is ahead of me, the great honor and responsibility that has come to me…In so many dimensions I feel inadequate and humbled.” However, he added, “ I take solace in one qualification where there can be no latitude extended.”
That qualification he told both the members at conference and the press at the press conference is this: “I know that Jesus is the Christ with a sure and certain witness… I know he lives. I know he is resurrected. We must live in such a way that he and his Father communicate with us, that we know their will…I am hopeful that by way of ordination that certain gifts come to me that I anxiously await.
He said, “I am not what I must become, but I hope for the promise that President Monson gave in priesthood meeting—that the Lord will shape the back to fit the burden.”
He said that in one way, being called to be an apostle is no different than any other calling in the Church, that is, that we neither seek callings nor do we refuse them… In this case, it is far more daunting. You feel a heaviness, a weightiness, a humility as you contemplate what you are expected to be.”
He also quipped that for much of his life, he’s been trying to become “what my wife already thought I was.” Read more of this story.

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