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>With U.S., It’s Always Been About The Oil

>Note: The AP story will remain below in Times New Roman type, while my comments will be in Areal typeface bold.

Nigeria — The Obama government doesn’t give a hoot about violence, corruption, and starving people in Nigeria. It’s all about maintaining the oil production which makes Nigeria America’s fifth largest supplier. That’s my assessment following Sectrtary Clinton’s visit and AP coverage below.

Notice the words of the report coming out of Nigeria on Secretary State Hillary Clinton’s recent visit. Let’s dissect it together. The Title of the AP story was “Clinton Presses Nigeria on Graft.” This is so hypocritical. What about America’s graft, which is far worse in many ways than that going on in Nigeria? Just one mention of the “Chicago Way” to conservative and moderate Americans suggests crime, criminal intent, graft, raping the country of assets, riotous living and spending of taxpayer money to special interest groups under the guise of ending a recession, and lack of concern for the common folks, especially seniors in the Obama rationed health care plan.

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ABUJA, Nigeria – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday urged oil-rich Nigeria to embrace broad political reform and ease tensions that have led to sectarian violence and disrupted energy production in the Niger Delta.

Speak about embracing political reform all you want, but Obama has brought with him one of the most unholy, ruthless, lawless organizations of any administration. I’m speaking of ACORN, Americore, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and a whole host of associations that President Obama, himself, has with the crime world, The Weather Underworld, with known terrorists like Bernadine Dohrne and her lying, infamous husband Bill Ayres. Outraged by the Vietnam War and racism in America, the organization waged a low-level war against the U.S. government through much of the 1970s, bombing the Capitol building, breaking Timothy Leary out of prison, and evading one of the largest FBI manhunts in history.”

Obama started his campaign in the Chicago home of Ayres and his wife Dohrn. To libs that means nothing. To the rest of us, it is a seminal signal telling us that the lies and the voilence and the underhandedness will continue under Obama if he is elected. Well, he was elected, and now he has become most arrogant.

The convicted felon Tony Rezko association, leading to Obama purchasing a house and a lot for considerably less than the gangsta himself whose house was right next door and of similar proportions.

But this wasn’t supposed to have been a tirade against Obama, but a tutorial about how wicked and evil are his ways.

Since Obama came to power there have been great tensions in this country, primarily over outlandish spending of our money. Just what Obama had said he hoped would not occur, has occurred becaue of his socialistic, statist policies which liberty-loving Americans abhor. Broad political reform hasn’t come about. We were promised “transparency” and in its place we get secrecy and deceit. We were promised the end of a war, and in its place we get an escalation of the fighting. We were promised (not by word necessarily, but by demeanor) a moderate government. In it’s place we have a devilish desire for our money — higher taxes, confiscatory policies, the end of private health care, discrimination against the elderly in health care. Preferential treatment for non-citizens, the 10,000 illegal aliens who are getting free Obama Care but who should be shipped home to Mexico.

In the Nigerian capital of Abuja on the fifth stop in a seven-nation tour Africa, Clinton said that action on those fronts was needed to protect the country’s status as the continent’s largest oil producer and largest recipient of direct U.S. investment.

“It is critical for the people of Nigeria, first and foremost, but indeed for the United States that Nigeria succeeds in fulfilling its promise,” Clinton told a news conference after meeting Nigerian Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe.

“We strongly support and encourage the government of Nigeria’s efforts to increase transparency, reduce corruption (and) provide support for democratic processes in preparation for the 2011 elections,” she said.

Instead of “support for democratic processes”, in America we get ACORN, which is funded out of taxpayer money but which gives virtually all of its money and support to left liberals. They corrupted the last elections and there are many lawsuits now in various states for ACORN’s unlawful acts of suborning perjury and other crimes by paying their operatives ten dollars each time they registered to vote. Some black guy on TV said he had registered fifteen times illegally. Why? Because ACORN paid by the number of registerations. I hope all of them end up in jail. And yet Hillary is out there whipping up some kind of sanctimoneous ferver for Nigeria to fix their voting process? Who is calling the kettle black? Then there’s the illegal donations Obama received under phoney names, Mickey Mouse, Ann Rand, etc. We could go on and on. The U.S. voting appratus is smashed. Then our president gives the census job to this illegal, fraudulent operation called ACORN. Where’s his own honesty? He has none. He’s a fraud and all Americans know it.

U.S. officials regard Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, as a bellwether for the continent’s success and have expressed deep concern about the coup-prone country’s political situation, especially after 2007 elections that were marred by fraud.

This writer could be talking about America. Mr. Obama, don’t continue down this tawdry road until every American walks off the job and millions of people start demonstrating in the streets as the people did in Iran.

Maduekwe said there was a “national consensus on issues of enhanced democracy, a deep commitment to rule of law and electoral reforms” and pledged that President Umaru Yar’Adua‘s government would deliver on reform.

Nigeria is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the United States and U.S. officials are also troubled by unrest and kidnappings in the Niger Delta, where indigenous groups have complained vehemently about exploitation of oil reserves by foreign petroleum companies.

Violence in the region has led to cuts in production that in June led to Angola surpassing Nigeria in monthly oil production.