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>The Coming Disaster: If Your President Knew It Was Coming What Would He Do?

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By Don White

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If your president and Congress knew it was coming, what would they do to protect the public? It is their sworn duty to protect the public in all cases to the best of their ability.

Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin who, along with other House members, has formulated a budget for fiscal 2012 that promises to cut six trillion dollars from our deficit over ten years and save the country from fiscal disaster. He says a president, if he knew the nature of the disaster, when it was happening, and how it would happen would take dramatic steps to avert disaster. Well, Barak Obama knows all of that. Yet he is dawdling, doing nothing about it.

The Congress has a plan for the next ten years, but what about the president and the Democrat Party?

Where is the president’s plan, where is his cooperation to get the job done? The federal government will shut down by Friday if this vacationing, traveling, lollygaging, party-loving, beach-combing president doesn’t do something quick. But what should he do? He should not allow the government to shut down because that has dire consequences. But it is precisely where the U.S. government is headed unless the Democrats get off this kick they are on to make the Republicans look bad by shutting down the government for lack of a budget.

What! Yes, I said “for lack of a budget.” But when the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives we didn’t have a budget in all of 2009. That’s because they are humanists first. They wanted wiggle room to spend, spend, spend and not be accountable to a budget. Democrats failed in their duty to budget money for government expenditures including paying our troops. They failed in their duty not to spend more money than we had. Now we have a fourteen trillion-plus deficit that translates into borrowing money from China. It means that two years from now, or sooner, the interest on that paper will exceed what we have to spend for everything else. By then you have no country left to run.

Democrats don’t seem to care. In fact, it appears it is their plan to close down the government and then turn around during election time and say, “Look what you did,” to Republicans who in this case are the good guys because they have passed several temporary budgets and got no takers from Barak Obama or Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.

What is the disaster? It is that America will lose its credit rating. Its money won’t be worth anything. We could see a dramatic fall of the dollar and the entire nation could be sent into bedlam. We hope and pray that won’t happen because if our dollar value declines to zero, how are we going to feed our families? How is the country going to conduct commerce? Well, Washington might, for starters, take a look at a well-ruin government, the State of Utah.

This week the State of Utah House of Representatives passed a bill that would make gold and silver legal tender. We should do that nationwide in anticipation of the coming uber-inflation and resultant fall of the dollar. When the dollar is worth zilch, it is too late to act. Now is the time for our government to live up to their promise. That is to protect its people and not wave goodbye at us as our nation falls into oblivion.

Or does Obama have a different agenda? Would he like to see chaos take hold here in America, a foreign country take us over without firing a shot? I believe that is his future goal. But his near-term goal is to get relected–and to get all the Democrats elected. To take control of the House of Representatives again and to fundamentally change this nation to the communist-socialist country he envisions. Obama, then, loves chaos, sometimes referred to as the butterfly effect.

Chaos is not a good place to live. Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved.] In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.or the butterfly effect.

Maybe chaos is what Obama craves. He has flitted around much like a butterfly of late, flying here and there with no apparant aim in mind. Result: spending more money, more time away from the Oval Office than in it. The aim of all of this is to play politics to build up his constituents and win election after election. If a democrat wins all the elections, doesn’t that make this country a demagog nation or a tyrant paradise – a darned dictatorship?

If I’m wrong–and I hope to God I am–then I challenge our president and majority leader in the Senate to turn around and see what their playing politics is about to do to the greatest nation on earth.Somehow I think they understand perfectly…and that’s the scary part.
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