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>Improv Everywhere Pants Off Day In The Big Apple

There is a web site, www. located in New York, where there are two ingredients to make the zany things they organize and do possible: lots of unmarried young people and a subway to do it in. (subways because cops are not everywhere on subways, are they?)

They stage shirts off days for men, and they show up at the office without a shirt. But usually, they meet in a park, take a lot of photos and laugh a lot, flex their muscles and take some pictures.

Not surprising, they get fantastic funny on turnouts Saturdays, especially for these events. One day they had pants off, and it was so well synchronized I don’t believe anyone got thrown in jail, but NYPD were around ready to go.

Where they congregated, they had their spies out. If the police came they had someone at a precise time hand out a pair of pants to everyone. I don’t know how they got their own pants back, unless inside of the trousers or girls’ pants they had tags listing the owner’s name and phone number. What a way to meet a guy or a gal!

One time they had a day for only redheads. They had three hundred redheads show up at this pre-designated place. You could see from the photos, some of them had dyed their hair the night before to get to participate, and the colors were not too good–amateur hour over the bathroom sink, that kind of thing. But kids love this kind of thing. They even have people in other cities wanting to get in on the fun, asking how they can organize an “Improv Day.” All-in-all, they had fun. These are young adults we’re talking about. Most older people never drop their jeans for anyone. They have too much respect. I hope bloggers take this in good humor and don’t take offense. Please don’t call the cops if you see this going on. No harm intended. For their latest gig, they filled a subway up with identical twins. click here to take a look. This stuff is zanny and fun.